The President’s message

Welcome to the world of ISAR – International Society for Astrological Research

Deep in my soul I’ve always believed that happiness by itself is the language of true knowledge by which we can achieve and accomplish anything we want. And that is what brought me to astrology – just the pure joy of discovering the hidden codes of time and our own lives.

The beauty of astrology is that we primarily study it because we are in love with that amazing discipline, which got the best from both of its parents:  science and art.

And that’s what makes us happy.

The world of astrology has connected me with outstanding scientists, psychologists, artists, philosophers and researchers around the world who share one thing in common – a deep feeling and conviction that the Universe is intelligent and that we are all part of an undivided and meaningful unity.

This intelligent Universe crossed my path with ISAR twelve years ago, and from that time on I entered into a spiral of knowledge that has been a constant push for new insights, new research and new books I’ve been inspired to write.

Let’s Research

We are always in search of new insights. For that we research in different ways, by reading interesting articles, listening to recordings of lectures or participating in different webinars, or we look for scientific qualitative or quantitative based facts.  How about if we have all that in one place – on an ISAR members’ page, where every member could have access to all of it? Actually, ISAR already has a lot of material available and will have even more and more from every corner of the world in order to provide new and fresh articles, and audio and video lectures to your members’ page. You can search for them by different topics, authors, astrological topics, or any other way you may want.

So far we have these materials in English only, but with the help of our VP representatives all over the world – soon they will also be available in many different languages.

Go Global

If you are in love with Astrology, it doesn’t really matter what language you speak, or your cultural background, because we all speak the same language, sometimes with different accents – but our common language is Astrology.

That’s why ISAR has its own representatives in the form of vice presidents (VP) in more than 20 different countries, and that number is growing. All of our vice presidents are actively working to provide the best of their countries’ astrology to the global community and also to provide the professional astrology standards of ISAR to their local groups, astrology schools, and individual astrologers.

ISAR Website

On our websit, we post new articles, recordings, book reviews and ANS news on a weekly basis. The ISAR website is translated into almost 20 different languages and contains a log-in area for ISAR members only. On those personalized pages, each ISAR member has an opportunity to define their profile page, the areas of astrology they like They can find different groups of astrologers according to their interests, read all the e-zines ISAR has published, get our International Astrologer Journal, and much more.

International Astrologer Journal

This is the Journal we publish three times a year. Each member receives it as part of their membership in digital form through their members’ page, or the hard copy is mailed to them, depending on their preference.

The International Astrologer Journal publishes articles from our members all over the world, so we can see a variety of astrological approaches that come from different schools of thought worldwide.

Affiliated Schools

Even though many astrologers are self-taught, and we encourage them to continue doing research in their own way, we believe that schools of astrology are crucially important to developing and maintaining high standards in astrology through constant research and education. That’s why we provide a program for ISAR School Affiliation that helps different schools of astrology worldwide to develop and maintain certain standards of education, while still keeping their own uniqueness. Students from those schools are some of the best-educated students of astrology, and they can all apply for ISAR CAP status.

ISAR Certification Programs

Certified Astrological Proficiency (CAP) is a status that ISAR provides to those members who fulfill four different conditions:

  • To have a certificate from one of ISAR’s Affiliated Schools
  • Or to have at least 10 years of experience in professional astrology, which can be proven
  • To attend and pass the ISAR Ethics Awareness Training Course
  • To attend and pass the ISAR Consulting Skills Training
  • To pass the ISAR Competency Exam

Astrology Conferences

ISAR is known for great astrology conferences where many astrologers from all over the world meet in one place and present their research and different approaches to the study of astrology. In the past, these conferences were organized approximately every two to five years, but we now do them every four years.

Astro Club

We have more than a thousand members and some of them have much knowledge to share with us! So our new project is known as “Astro Club,” which would enable our members to give live lectures in the form of webinars, so that everyone can join the Club and learn or share new ideas. These free Club lectures are going to be provided at least once a month at first. Stay tuned for details on this exciting new program!

Let us work together, share our research, insights and questions, and may happiness be our true guide along the way.


Aleksandar Imsiragic
ISAR President