ISAR Certificate of Astrological Proficiency (CAP)

The educational preparation for applying for the Certificate of Astrological Proficiency (CAP) can be met by studying at schools and with teachers who wish to see their students attain the astrological knowledge and interpretation skills necessary for certification by ISAR. Schools and teachers are therefore encouraged to examine their own curriculum and upgrade where appropriate.

Certification Requirements:

In addition to your educational preparation, ISAR Certification requires that you successfully complete the following:

  • Consulting Skills Training Course
  • Ethics AwarenessTraining Course and Test
  • The ISAR Competency Exam
  • Three Elective Courses

Dates and locations for ISAR training modules in Ethics Awareness and Consulting Skills as well as for the Competency Exam are posted on ourĀ website, in the weekly ISAR E-zine and in The International Astrologer.

Applicants can take the Competency Exam, Ethics Training Course and Test and the Consulting Skills Training Course in stages and in any order. Records will be maintained by ISAR until all requirements are fulfilled. Upon successful completion of all requirements, an applicant receives a Certificate of Astrological Proficiency (CAP) and becomes an ISAR Certified Astrologer.