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Julija Simas – Cosmic Mind, Cultivating an astrological Meme

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From a sky full of omens to a sky full of possibilities, Astrology as a practice has moved through the ages, reflecting the worldview of the times. Astrologers have had the tools to help guide and heal the individual, as now we also have the tools to help guide and heal the collective. Julija explores the concept of the Cosmic Mind, the role of astrology in our conscious evolution and the need for cultivating an astrological meme for a world in transition.

Monica Dimino – The Moon’s Nodes: The Evolving Cycles of the Earth’s Journey

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This lecture will introduce you to the universal aspects of the Nodal cycles. The signs involved speak to the meaning of these Nodal Transits. The North Node spends irregular amounts of time in each sign, a condition which translates into brief or extended phases in these 18+/-year nodal cycles. They can relate to mundane events and our individual, personal Journeys… And they become very relevant in forecasting events.