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Responding to Astrology’s Critics

Astrologers often face the criticism that our work is imprecise and not scientifically valid or verifiable.  Skeptics remain unconvinced of astrology’s viability as a form of knowledge about human experience.  This raises a challenge for those of us who seek to validate astrology in our society, to gain respect for our work.   Responding to […]

A Philosophical View of Astrology

When we make an appointment to meet someone, we are orientating ourselves within concepts of time and space that have pre-existed us by thousands of years. The very ‘every-day-ness’ of such moments, as philosophers such as Heidegger and Wittgenstein have described, hold unconsidered origins. We tend to be unaware of the history that underpins our […]

At War With Coronavirus!

New York astrologer Cassandra Butler, MA, shared the following thoughts with readers of her online newsletter: “I’m forever stunned and grateful for the guidance of astrological wisdom.  The international crisis we are all facing seems overwhelming and surreal, and seems to stem from the overall theme of 2020: A year of transformation.” At War With Coronavirus! […]