Hello ISAR Members,

Welcome to the ISAR research activities website page! This is where we can share our research, learn from each other, and find people to collaborate with on research projects.

Every time we interpret an astrology chart we are doing research because we are seeing if our astrological ideas and theories work with this new chart that we are looking at.

Although all of us are engaged in a kind of research every time we analyze an astrology chart, make a forecast, or compare charts, etc., conducting more formal kinds of research has become a controversial topic over the past few decades. Some astrologers feel that the very strict rules and requirements for scientific research are too limiting and restrictive for the language of astrology. However, many of us are also becoming increasingly aware that there are many research designs, and very restrictive quantitative research designs are not our only option. We can select the project design that is most appropriate for our interest and questions from among the many different research models that are available.

We are in an Information Age where we can investigate and explore ideas in ways that were never possible before. The Information Age in which we live provides us opportunities to embark on a journey of discovery. With the diverse talents of the ISAR members and the many other resources for astrological research, we can work together to bring astrology fully into the Information Age.

Whether you are a beginner or expert in research, a beginner or expert in astrology, or even if you are somewhere in between, please feel free to join us in our quest to better understand how astrology works. Research and astrology are both vast topics, so feel welcome to jump in with whatever questions or ideas you have on astrological research. One more thought before I close this welcome message: as research methods have advanced in the past few decades, researchers in many fields are using new terms like “knowledge discovery”, “model building” and “model testing”. Some of these terms are so common that we have handy abbreviations like “KD” for knowledge discovery. This terminology reflects a new attitude about research: we are not necessarily testing a specific hypothesis in research; we can conduct exploratory research and other kinds of investigations that help clear a path that eventually lead to tests of specific hypotheses. These are exciting times for researchers and for astrologers, so let’s learn from each other and help each other on a journey of knowledge discovery.

Thank you very much for your time and for your interest in astrological research!

David Cochrane, ISAR Research Director,
MA, with major in Research and Evaluation Methodology

Monthly Videos!

Once a month a brief video on an interesting issue in astrological research will be made available. These videos are for for everyone to view. If there is a topic you would like to see addressed in a video, or if you like to volunteer to make one, please let us know. ISAR’s research director David Cochrane will make the monthly video if no others are submitted.


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Quarterly Online Meetings!

ISAR members can join us in an online meeting that takes place every 3 months. This is an opportunity to share ideas on astrological research.

The ISAR quarterly research meetings are held online on the second Saturday of each the months of January, April, July, and October. The meetings are at 1 PM Eastern Time.

Please register for the research meeting through your Members page at the ISAR website.

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Email Us!

ISAR members cam email us your thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see ISAR be doing in regards to research. You can also share your ideas in the ISAR weekly email newsletter. The bottom line is that we can discover something together. This is your astrological organization and we are here to work together to learn and discover. Typically research benefits tremendously from many people sharing ideas so we welcome your input. Email us to [email protected]