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Speaker: Ursula Stockder


জুন 5 @ 12:00 অপরাহ্ন - 4:00 অপরাহ্ন EDT

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Registrations are closed for this event

Registrations are closed for this event

• Myths are based on symbolic language and are the ones who translate an idea.
• The astrological language is based on the interpretation of myths since the dawn of time, not only in Greek but in all cultures.
• Knowing the origins of the myths related to the signs and planets, we can find deeper layers of the astrological signatures.
• We will determine the fundamentals of why we interpret the chart based on the mythological influence.
In this workshop, we will apply a deeper meaning of mythology and its psychological significance to the interpretation of astrological charts.
There are myths related to each of the 12 zodiac signs, but we also have specific myths related to each signs’ rulers. During each century, anthropologists, historian psychologists, artists (writers and painters), and astrologers have a different approach towards myth according to the moment’s social and political environment.
We will analyze these different approaches and how astrologers relate to the mythical world and their chart interpretation work.
Greek mythology is the most known to the Occidental Culture. It is the one we have more knowledge about, and it is the closest to our way of thinking. However, each myth entails a different point of view depending on the state of evolution of humankind. It is not the same to analyze Medea’s, Perseus’, or even Heracles’ myth during the classical Greek period as it is in our times.
All myths imply a transformation, and astrologers have to adapt to new ways of thinking as humanity changes according to the circumstances.
Mythology helps us get a deeper understanding of the human psyche. It might give astrologers a deeper understanding of themselves and a broader perspective during consultations.
In this workshop, I will help you understand the difference using different charts as examples or, in case you want to share your birth date, I will be glad to use it as an example.

Ursula Stockder

"Astrology and painting are expressions of my illusion, my fantasy, my longing, my dreams and myself. They represent an ongoing dialogue with my interior, which confronts me and moves me to try to understand and understand the mysteries of life and the universe." My training includes studies in astrology, tarot, mythology, Jungian psychology, thanatology, art history and painting. In November 2006, FEI and David Cochrane assigned me the first astrology workshop in the "cultural center of Ursula". In 2012 I got to know Maurice Fernandez and Gali Sat Puran Livneh with whom I organized a white lion painting exhibition and an astrological workshop and began to engage with Maurice in evolutionary astrology. In 2017 I began training traditional astrology with the company and entered into deeper studies of mythology with the mythology Pedro Servín and the PHD in philosophy Eduardo Ceballos. In 2014, Fei and David appointed me the cosmic Patterns software representative for Mexico and Latin America and Maurice Fernández offered to be an OPA satellite for Mexico as well. In September 2018, I was appointed global director of ISAR Mexico.