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Oscar & Bosie: The Draconics of a Love That Dared to Speak Its Name

Speaker: Victor Olliver / United Kingdom


On the eve of the 20th century, a huge sex scandal broke that shocked Victorian England. It was in effect a fin de siècle act of defiance in an age of hypocrisy, moralising and sublimation. Acclaimed playwright and author Oscar Wilde was prosecuted for homosexual gross indecencies with male prostitutes, and his intimate relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas was made public. Humiliation brought down both men in different ways. But did their relationship serve necessary soul purposes? Was their downfall a mere concomitant of what had to be lived for soul growth? In this talk, draconic astrology is applied to identify the value and purpose of the bond, based on repositioning the Sun-based tropical nodal axis to create Moon-based natal charts.

No knowledge of draconic astrology is necessary to follow the logic of the analysis, though much will be learned about the technique in the process.

Speaker Bio

Victor Olliver

Victor Olliver is the editor of The Astrological Journal, the bimonthly magazine published by the UK-based Astrological Association. He is the author of Chasing the Dragons: An Introduction to Draconic Astrology (published by The Wessex Astrologer) as well as Astrology: Secrets of the Signs and Planets (Flame Tree). Both titles were published in 2022. Victor lives on the UK’s south coast. Website:




Topic: Oscar & Bosie: The Draconics of a Love That Dared to Speak Its Name
Start: মঙ্গলবার, ফেব্রু. 14, 2023 07:00 অপরাহ্ন
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Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
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