Brett Gemini – The Turning of the Ages and the Sun on the Cross: The Time is Now

As this the dawning of the Age of Aquarius or has the shift already occurred? Join Gemini Brett for an illuminating Sacred Astronomy transmission of the most powerful alignment of our time: the Sun on the Cross.

Reflect upon Mayan, Egyptian, Celtic, Vedic, and Biblical prophecies of the turning of the ages, and learn to through one eye Above (sidereal) and one below (Tropical) to receive the key for the evolution of the astrological archetypes themselves. 2020 features a mysterious shadow key to the gateway of the next world. Will we choose to open it or will it open us?

Don’t miss this exciting Star Club presentation that will reveal clear keys of the sacred astronomy of astrology, the true reason we begin the astrological year with Sun’s tropical Aries ingress, the precession of the equinoxes and the tropical/sidereal interface as a mechanism for archetypal evolution.

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