Ulric Aspegrén

How to identify a U.S. Dollar Index long-term event with market cycles and major astrological factors

Historical market cycles can be combined with active astrological planetary pairs to forecast the timing of long-term U.S. Dollar events. The first part presents how the long-term market cycles are established; the second part uses a case study to demonstrate the effectiveness of a market-timing system based on MMA theories; while the third and last part looks into the future. The material presented is easily accessible to a broad audience.

Naomi C Bennett

Moon Wobbles & Eclipses

One of the earliest astrological events recorded are solar eclipses since so many historical and financial events happened around them. But there are Moon Wobbles too. Naomi will explain the difference between them and then give major historic events that occur with Moon Wobbles, how to use them and to know when they are of major importance. Research was first done on them in 1940’s by American astrologers Carl Payne Tobey and Charles Jayne.

Nitin Bhandari

Jupiter-Saturn aspects and impact on Crude Oil and British Pound

Crude Oil is a very important commodity, prices of which affects to a common man to the countries and social-economic conditions of many countries. There are important correlations between the crest and troughs of the Crude oil prices and the aspects between Jupiter and Saturn. Study shows and proves that fact. The same thesis applies to the world`s “once upon time strongest currency” British Pound. There are phases of expansion (Jupiter) and contraction (Saturn).

Jennie Chen

Astrological Detective on Carl Marx, His Theory and The Phenomenon of Communism/Socialism

The last two centuries has witnessed the contention of major social/political systems among Communism, Socialism and Capitalism all over the world. This presentation looks through astrological lens of the life of each political economic theory representative of the three systems, the background of their publications and the amplification in their application in the history. In other words, we are exploring evolutionary astrological links of Carl Marx, his theory and phenomena like that of China.

Susan Gidel

Commodities and Inflation in the 2020s

The waning quarter of the 45-year Saturn/Uranus economic cycle occupies the 2020s as it prepares to begin anew in 2032 in Gemini, under the influence of the Grand Air Mutation and mid-2020s outer-planet sign changes. Let’s examine how gold, crude oil and soybeans might behave with that economic backdrop, based on transits to first-trade charts. Also, a look at planetary influences on the U.S. Consumer Price Index, an inflation measure, both historical and through 2032.

Misty Kuceris

Jupiter: The Market Trend Setter

Cycles of Jupiter: One of the best tools to develop marketing/advertising strategies. Why are some ads so successful? They spark your emotions, appeal to your ego, and represent social trends that “speak” to you. Jupiter cycles provide critical information to develop marketing strategies by understanding the cycles of art, economics, government, and scientific inventions. Learn historic and futurist perspectives in order to understand how to use the knowledge and develop strategic plans for your clients.

Raymond Merriman

The Times They Are A ‘Changin’ – The Political, Economic , and Monetary Revolution

It’s not just the convergence of the 20-, 200-, and 800-year long-term Jupiter/Saturn cycles. It is also Saturn in Aquarius squaring its ruler, Uranus, in Taurus. The former is the dawn of a new socio-political era; the other, the demise of an old economic order. What does this bode for financial markets of the world, and what can you do?

Grace Morris

Stock Market, Economy, Real Estate, and Business Cycles for 2021

Learn how to use astrological cycles that have worked for over a hundred years in real estate, business and the economy; use these cycles to your financial advantage. The Real Estate Values cycle first tracked by Alice Reichard goes back to the 1860s and has continued to indicate the direction of the housing market. The Louis McWhirter cycles have accurately predicted the state of the economy and stock market direction for over eighty years.

Kat Powell

Saturn/Uranus and the “Death Spike” in Commodity Cycles

In 2021, Saturn and Uranus will square up in an inverse echo of their planetary pairing of 1999-2000. The long-term correlation of this planetary pair to previous market cycles is invaluable in projecting future market patterns. Timing may be critical as we exit the Capricorn conjunctions of 2020 and approach the ingress of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius. Astrologers, analysts, investors, and traders will benefit from understanding the history and implications of this synodic duel.

Marie Schoeppel

Saturn-Neptune Conjunction in 2026: Trends of Socialism and Corruption Throughout the World

Saturn conjoins Neptune at 0° Aries in February 2026. Learn how this new cycle of the planet of restriction with the planet of dissolution interacts with the charts of the United States, China, the European Union, Russia, Iran and the Federal Reserve to affect global politics, financial systems, trade and journalism. The trend towards socialism reaches a peak, and finds itself distorted by efforts to integrate with capitalist and sovereign structures already long in place.

Christeen Skinner

Your Guide to Astro-Financial Management 2020 – 2030

“Between 2023 and 2026, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Sedna (all the outer planets) each make ingress: culminating in 2026 with a Saturn-Neptune conjunction at 0 Aries: the World Axis.

What might this mean for your investments? How best to ride the probable financial storms? When might they appear?

This talk offers a practical guide to the years ahead.”

Wendy Stacey

Live Long and Prosper

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius (and the Air element) will inevitably spearhead every aspect of society from a slower, denser, industrial, regulated and materialistic earth age to a much faster and more intellectual one, where the focus on diverse and equal relationships, expansion and utilisation of the mind and brain, innovations in space and aviation and the urgent need to reshape the political and economic landscape will become a priority. How will we keep up?