Aylin Bekem

Are we ready for cosmic consciousness?

In 1980 the jupiter saturn conjunction libra, we begin to use internet. started to interact each other easily which increased the level of sharing knowledge as well, which comes both negative- benefit effects . jupiter saturn conjunction in aquarius will be very significant.In the time,we learn how to think, has more impact in our lives than we assume.Will we be able to read the signs of stars? Are we ready to take the divine help?

Zdenek Bohuslav

Solar return in Jean Baptiste Morin´s Astrologia Gallica

Why are some solar returns so influential and others without visible effects? Can we predict their power, domain of influence, extent and time when that predicted will fulfill? How these returns are connected with natal chart? We will study it in the realm of ideas of reputable astrologer living at 17th century French king court, compare it with Hellenistic solar return and we will illustrate his way of usage on historic and nowadays examples.

Laura DesJardins

Predictive Techniques using Solar Arc Directions and Midpoints

Laura will use Solar Arc directions and midpoints to show how we can use this form of prediction to give us a more accurate summary of future trends. This is done by looking at the past first. These are some of the oldest predictive techniques in astrology. Laura will show how using these techniques can enhance your ability to be more concise and accurate when it comes to forecasting events in the future.

Arielle Guttman

Looking Ahead at The 2020s – A Shifting Paradigm

As we prepare ourselves for the next decade, there are many new opportunities and challenges awaiting. The emphasis on air signs is a focus of this shift with the Jupiter/Saturn syzygy into Aquarius (air), Pluto’s ingress to Aquarius and the Venus Star Point in Libra (air), joining the current Venus Point in Gemini (air). And, how this emphasis on air can be used to better serve the ever-changing needs of the earth.

Lee Lehman

When to Relocate the Solar Return

Relocating for the solar return can be expensive in both time and money, so can we work out a method for choosing when to do so? In this lecture, Lee demonstrates how to solve exactly that puzzle. We will examine the logic behind the use of birthplace, residence, and relocated solar returns: how to extract information from these different charts, and how to tweak the best results from each one.

Julene Louis

The Moon and Your Spiritual Self Unfoldment

Reimagining the future likely involves remembering that we are spiritual beings. The Moon’s nakshatra shows where we enter into the cycle of spiritual growth and self-unfoldment in this lifetime. As our planetary periods progress via the Vimshottari Dasa system, nakshatras progress to unfold our spiritual process. This simple technique provides deep insight into themes of spiritual growth as the undercurrent of life’s external events – regardless of the type of astrology you practice.

Darri Murphy

Timed Awakenings: Jupiter Saturn Using Secondary Progression

We begin with discussion of personal planetary conjunctions across 90 years from birth using secondary progressed as noted in the ephemeris. Using Solar Fire, learn how to note progressed planetary motion traveled by Jupiter, and Saturn and significant transits to them. We look at where these planets live, what years to look for, how this enhances your awareness and life’s enrichment.

Laura Nalbandian

Pluto Transits: Evolutionary Transitions

Inevitably the time comes when we are called to transition from one phase of our personal journey to the next; to transform worn-out modes of behavior that no longer serve who we are. These life altering times are reflected in the transit of Pluto, and propel us forward whether we feel ready or not. Laura will detail this powerful transit and not only present grounded methodologies, but strategies for making out way through the process.

James Schultz

Your Personal Nodal Cycle

Each 18.6 year transit of the nodes around a chart represents a “personal nodal cycle.” The sequence of the planets and points as they are touched by each of the nodes influences the ebb and flow of life. Which node touches which planet first, second, third …? Which node makes the last conjunction before your nodal return? See the nodes and their impact on your life as you may have never seen them before.

Gloria Star

Organic Astrology: Integrated and Accurate

Perplexed by inconsistencies or inaccuracies when working with astrology? After all, a Saturn return or a major planetary pattern should have particular qualities … right? Let’s not jump to conclusions! Cycles animate the cosmic sky-scape. Connected to a person’s life, the chart awakens, especially when integrating what can be complex timing. Explore techniques and archetypal keys that lead to more precise and meaningful interpretations. In the process, we’ll dive into the major cycles unfolding now!

Georgia Stathis

Delineating your Cosmic Dance: Understand the Steps and Create Your Future

Synodic cycles are the conjoining of two planets that change societal norms. Much like elements in the periodic table, they create a new mental chemistry for individuals and the world. Over their duration, concepts build, shift, disperse and change thus altering the future. Archetypal energies of the planets and signs show the many possibilities. Jupiter/Saturn (20-years) starts on December 21. Both Jupiter/Pluto(13-years) and Saturn/Pluto (38-years) just started and in 2022 Jupiter/Neptune starts.

Kelly Surtees

Progressions: Mapping Your Future

How do your progressed planets show changing levels of power and potential? Dive deep into the technique of progressions – with a traditional twist – to better understand your triggers for transformation. Explore your cycles of growth and progress. Learn how to tune into the undercurrents of your process and discover when and how major life changes are likely. See secondary progressions in action, and discover simple tips to help you hone your forecasting skills.