Christina Caudill

Desire, Attachment, Power: Illuminating Unconscious Dynamics in the Astrological Consultation

Psychological astrology is a profound tool for illuminating the unconscious, so why do astrologers rarely address the hidden drives behind astrologer-client dynamics? When emotions such as attachment and desire emerge, they can be confusing for the client and challenging for the untrained astrologer. In psychology this phenomenon is called transference and when handled adeptly, can lead to greater healing of unresolved emotions. We’ll explore how astrologers can navigate this territory with greater awareness and sensitivity.

Lea Imsiragic

Open Your Astrological House Potential with Astromeridians

Did you know that your natal chart is an opportunity for your growth in certain areas? If you are ready to learn and benefit, then this lecture is for you. Learn to recognize and clear your subconscious blockages in the form of daily triggers or life patterns and allow yourself to live fully. Discover how to use 12 meridian points to unlock 12 astrological houses potential in your natal chart.

Lynn Koiner

Medical Astrology: The Water Element & Diseases of the Occipital Lobe of the Brain

This lecture will discuss illnesses associated with the Occipital Lobe of the Brain (Water element). Serotonin, produced by the Occipital Lobe, represents Astrological Water. I will describe the Occipital personality type. The Water Element rules the fluids in the body and, with Mutable signs, the lymphatic system where many health issues begin. This lecture will discuss the various health issues associated with the Occipital Lobe and the element of Water.

Jelena Lemot

Astro-Coaching in 3 Dimensions

There is no bad horoscope, bad sign, bad planet, or planetary configuration, there are just choices to live it. Thus, all astrological symbols are positive and useful! This is the major principle of Astro-Coaching interpretation. However, each astrological advice can be used in a “negative or rejected” way. With Astro-Coaching, there are 3 simples and possible choices: *To live in constructive and conscious way *To live in fears and unconscious way *To live in rejection

Dubravka Oberzan

Restore Your Inner Balance with Energy Astrology and AstroHealing

Energy Astrology as a diagnostic tool and AstroHealing with flower and various other essences offer extremely effective techniques to balance our energy body, consisting of chakras which are represented by different planets in the natal chart. Combining these techniques, we can help clients overcoming their own limitations and problems they experience in different areas of life, In my presentation, I would like to share my experiences in working with clients over last five years.

Heather Roan Robbins

Find Joy in the Chart: Use Astrology to Build Resilience

Astrological analysis can define our wounds, but what helps us build resilience? If we only weed, all we have is empty ground; let’s cultivate the seeds of our abundance and map what brings us purpose and joy. We’ll examine the condition of the ascendant’s ruler, 2nd and 12th house, north node, and Jupiter, natally and by progression, to map and encourage the soul resilience. Develop useful tools for clients in the midst of tough transits.

Kathy Rose

Anxiety Signatures in the Horoscope

Anxiety is the leading mental health issue among American youth and adults, and research indicates the problem is growing worse. There are certain planetary patterns in the natal chart that reliably suggest the susceptibility for anxiety. Astrologers can learn to discern and be sensitive to these patterns, thus helping clients enormously by guiding them to understand their own wiring. Useful strategies can be offered to reduce or eliminate emotional overwhelm.

Kathryn Silverton

Astrological Techniques for Timing of Elective Surgery

There is an art to working with the dance of the planets to determine an ideal time for elective surgery. Certain astrological considerations must be addressed in order to accomplish this goal. We will explore these in-depth while interweaving the role that the chart components play in medical astrology. Sample charts bring to life the juggling act that occurs as we determine the timing of these important undertakings.

Zane Stein

Chiron – The Next Forty Years

When most astrologers utilize Chiron they refer to it as the “Wounded Healer”). However, in the 40+ years since its discovery, we have learned much that it is much more than just that. Zane will take you through some of the more “traditional” meanings ascribed to Chiron, and then explore some of the many additional levels of meaning to help you make Chiron an important part of your astrological toolbox for the next 40+ years.

Kira Sutherland

Lunar Phase Healing, Using the Moon Cycles for Optimum Health

Since ancient times humans have been charting the Moon, correlating its phases to women’s cycles, emotions, and farming. Recent medical research has uncovered links between a woman’s hormones and her ability to eat certain foods, cope with stress and exercise intensities. In this lecture, Kira will correlate this research to the lunar phases and show how both men and women can use the Moon to support their food choices, stress reduction, weight loss and wellbeing.

Arik Xander

Astrolochi® – A 3rd Millennium Approach to Healing

Astrolochi® is a revolutionary technology of healing, combining a unique system of astrology with the energy matrix of the body (chakras, meridians, etc). Astrolochi® explains how the astrological archetypes express themselves through us, render reality, and how to reprogram degraded astrological archetypes blocking the manifestation of a goal. One of my visions is to expand the ancient art of astrology into a modern day technology for a truly reimagined future of health, wealth and happiness.

Linda Zlotnick

“I Lost Someone I Love. Can You Help?”

Reconciling ourselves to the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult, but using a chart cast for the beloveds moment of death, and looking at the transits and eclipses for the grieving client can bring an entirely new perspective. Using case studies, this lecture will offer some tools for counseling astrologers to help their clients, shedding light , Jupiter, on something that has been kept in the shadows, Saturn, for far too long.