Claudia Bader

Uranus: The Thunder Perfect Mind

From extraterrestrials to Hermeticism, to deepen and expand interpretive skill natally and dynamically, we will focus on the sky god and mental dimensions of Uranus. I’ll explain Uranian motifs, developmental stages, personality quirks and dynamics, the pitfalls and promise of this wild energy. From separation to individuation, we will look at Uranus materially, psychologically, and spiritually through physiognomy, art, psychological and historical case studies. A lecture for those trying to deal with them/it!

Lynn Bell

The 8th House Alchemy of Money and Psyche

Money can be magic, it can also weigh us down. Patterns of debt, dependency, or control of money, often have their origin in the 8th house: muddying our relationships with others. Money anxiety finds its roots here, sometimes reflecting inherited patterns. The alchemy of change comes through a transmutation of the psyche, with the necessary work reflected in 8th house signs, rulers, and planets of our natal chart.

Crystal Eves

Reimagining Time in the Natal Chart

It is generally accepted that Saturn symbolizes time in astrology, but does this take into consideration the varying ways in which humans actually experience time? This presentation explores the natal astrology of many time related experiences and uses findings from the field of positive psychology and circadian rhythm research to suggest alternate ways in which time may be expressed and symbolized in a natal chart.

Marcia Ferreira Silva

Saturn/Cronos: Is There a New Chance for Humanity After the Revenge of the Father?

We are going through the domain Era of the sign of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn/Cronos. Along the history, we’ve seen Saturn/Pluto cycles shake and turn the world upside down. In greek mythology, Crono’s greatest fear of being dethroned by his children became reality as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now the children came back home to meet the father, one chance in a lifetime! Will Saturn-Cronos/Jupiter-Zeus, father and son air sign conjunctions be a new Era?

Daniel Fiverson

Goddesses of the Blue Wave

We are facing great challenges, and opportunities. Recently I have been building on the theme of the “Goddesses of the Blue Wave”, correlating astrologically to the asteroids Pallas Athene and Vesta, and Eris, and the souls presently on Earth such as AOC and RBG, as their surrogates. As the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto-(Pallas) stellium, the US Neptune Opposition and the US Pluto Return approach, the Goddesses will continue to inform our way forward.

Spencer Grendahl

Astrology & Palmistry Use Same Gods

Palmistry and astrology both share the planets as working tools. Both have a long history and enjoy a growing interest today. What is the difference between these two systems and how planets are used in their respective “sciences?” This lecture would introduce astrologers to basic concepts of palmistry and where there are similarities and differences.

Gaisheda Kheawok

Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™ – Sacred Sound and the Alchemical Healing Process

In Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™ (ASEM™), “everything is energy, and everything is frequency,” and we are all inherently aligned via the natural world and to our intuitive wisdom. Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™ is the science and language of Image and Vibrational Expression, and is the foundation and gateway to alchemically transforming and evolving frequencies to their state of ultimate balance to the 4 Lower Bodies (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical).

Shawn Nygaard

It’s Getting Dark – The Archetype of Dystopia

Mars rover Opportunity ends its 15-year exploration of the red planet with a message best interpreted as, “My battery is low and it’s getting dark.” Meanwhile, “Game of Thrones” ominously portends that “Winter is coming.” Eerily, “The Handmaid’s Tale” resurfaces. Revisionist histories paint the past in bleak tones. Astrologically, what underpins the archetype of dystopia? What upcoming planetary trends might engage more hopeful hues? This talk explores Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto, Jupiter-Saturn, and Saturn-Uranus, archetypally and historically.

Tracy Quinln

Pallas Athena – The Warrior in All of Us

By exploring the myths attached to the asteroid and examining her discovery chart we’l see a full picture of Pallas astrologically. Looking at Pallas through the signs and houses, we can focus on how she stokes fight, passion and purpose in the nativity. We’ll look at examples of how she’s manifested in the charts of activists (natally and by transit) and look at distinct signatures depending on her placement- she appears in some beautiful ways.

Victoria Naumann Smoot

Venus Unchained

Can we liberate the Venus archetype from its limited and limiting gender-leaning vernacular? The answer is YES! Victoria explores the depth of history, culture, and parallel research in cycles of change. Old comfortable keywords and phrases hold Astrologers back from seeing and using the power and solutions from Venus Mind that we need for an endangered Earth. It is more than a “feminine issue.” It means authority and respect in solving human crises moving forward.

Ursula Stockder

The Spiritual Dimension of the Zoo-Diac

Gods took on all forms of animals. Animals became the sublime and sacred language used as the vehicle, a vital force in nature and later the finer and spiritual force. These animals became friends, helpers, and guides, who are but gods themselves in beast form, and received divine homage as the animals in the zodiacal wheel. We are going to explore the influence animals have had through time in the symbolic language of the ZOO-DIAC.

Becca Tarnas

The Archetypal Imagination of J.R.R. Tolkien

The fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien had an imagination capable not only of conceiving a great story but of birthing an entire world. What were the transits when Tolkien first encountered Middle-earth? What archetypal zeitgeist is carried by The Lord of the Rings? The astrological dynamics behind one of the most influential literary works of the 20th century reveal how to reimagine a new future through this powerful myth for our time.