Gaye Alkan

A Formula For Bringing Together: The Placidus and The Whole Sign Systems

The universe does not waste any information. This is one of the most discussed topics in Astrology related to its reliability. I believe that these two house systems show two different valid information and they are completing each other. In this work, you will be able to get a tool for reading the same chart with different house systems. The formula and the examples will help to understand the underlying capacity of the natal configurations.

Gary Christen

Symmetry and Dial Methodology

Resonance is the backbone of Astrology, describing how it all works. Using dials is easy and illustrates this concept visually by investigating and finding symmetrical arcs that simplify chart analysis. Speed, accuracy and precision are refined by understanding how horoscopes are affected by connections resonating internally in a symmetrical fashion. I’ll demonstrate how they connect and vibrate together in both the natal setting and dynamic movements so you can apply these ideas in your work.

Susie Cox

Susie’s Secrets to Chart Interpretation

The toughest part of astrology is synthesizing the chart. If you want to learn what the Kepler College students learn about chart interpretation, this is the lecture for you. Using keywords and images, Susie will show you how to put your chart into one simple sentence. You will see astrology in an entirely new way . . . guaranteed.

Sonja Francis

The Moon Nodes and Their Rulers

The Moon Nodes are currently in Sagittarius-Gemini until Jan. 2022, which means that Jupiter & Mercury play a significant role in our own birth charts and via transit. We will be taking a look at the position of Mercury & Jupiter. How can we grow and evolve beyond what we have previously known ourselves to be? Join me and learn how you can make the most of the next 16 months!

Lesley Francis

8 Keys to Using Your Chart More Effectively

The wealth of information, awareness and meaning in a birth chart can lead to overloaded circuits and such a feeling of overwhelm that it can be difficult to make sense of what is happening, much less make use of the power and purpose inherent in the symbols. Join Lesley as she outlines practical and insightful ways to cut through the complexity based on 45 years of astrological study & 20 years as a full-time astrologer/intuitive.

Michelle Gould

Bringing the Chart to Life for the Client

What takes a competent, craftsperson-like consultation and transforms it into a transporting encounter, one in which another person feels genuinely seen? In this lecture will explore strategies for generating that spark and bringing the chart to life. Using a series of charts, we will walk through simple approaches that have the cumulative effect of uncovering the poetry in the chart: its gifts, its dramas, its aspirations.

Kitty Hatcher

Super Power

Saturn and the outer planets usually reside in the world of the unconscious. Most of us are familiar with their influence regarding unhealthy fear, anxiety, confusion, and control issues. By understanding what these planets and their planetary angles truly represent, we are able to bring these powerful energies into our consciousness and use their beneficial influences in the most amazing and transforming ways.

Joni Patry

The Moon, Mind and Consciousness – Discover the Deeper Side of Consciousness and What Directs the Mind Through the Moon

The Moon represents our emotional body, everything we perceive and react to is based on how we feel. Feelings determine our attractions in love, music, philosophy, how we think, and even spirituality. Learn how the Moon in astrology determines consciousness and awareness .In this class we will analyze the Moon’s placement relative to planets and Rahu and Ketu, houses, signs, Moon’s Yogas, and nakshatras.

Sandra Leigh Serio

Pre-natal Solar Eclipses

In this lecture, we will identify your pre-natal solar eclipse (PNSE) and its connection to your life path, destiny, karmic debts and assets. The house position of the PNSE and the aspects it makes in your natal chart as well as its interaction with the charts of others renders useful and sometimes astonishing information. Determining the years your PNSE returns can highlight important turning points in your life. Intermediate/Advanced

Zorana Stanojevic

Childs Moon and Beyond

In a natal chart Moon is an emotional collector. It contains ancestral memories that could shape reality. It is important for parents to become familiar with their child’s Moon. The most important period for the child’s emotional development is within the first 4 to 5 years. The outcome comes with puberty. Fulfilling emotional needs are equally important for all family members.

Cassandra Tyndall

Aversion – Astrology’s Hidden Aspect

Aspects can be considered ‘rays of light’ connecting houses and/or planets. Even challenging aspects get the opportunity to communicate. What happens when the Lord of a house cannot see where it rules? Aversion illuminates the blind spots in a birth chart. By the end of this talk you’ll be able to identify, understand and explain what aversion reveals about the associated house topics in the birth chart, adding a valuable tool to your delineation kit!

Richard Weber

Phase Astrology – Using the 8 Phase and 12 Phase Systems

Expounding on the work of Dane Rudyard and “Buzz” Meyers in this lecture we will be looking at the 8 and 12 Phase systems to see how they can give a much deeper understanding of astrology charts and how this can help with chart delineation. We will look at the meaning of each phase of these systems, combine these phase charts to see what they represent, and see how they apply to personal charts.