Patricia Bell

The Heart Speaks

Yes, the heart speaks in and through astrology from our natal charts to our transits. It’s the set of instructions we were born with!!! With the present transits at hand we have a touchstone to guide us thru these narrow waters to living successful lives. The focus of this class will be on the people we love and our selves by understanding how the heart operates thru the chart.

Gemini Brett

The Three Parts of the Philosophy of the Whole World * Hermetic Teachings of Spirit, Soul, and Matter

Join StarryTeller Gemini Brett for this engaging and heart-opening sacred astronomy decryption of Hermes’ Emerald Tablets. We will first explore the path of the Soul by illuminating the incarnational roles of Sun, Moon, and Earth then journey with the nodes and bendings, Black Moon Lilith, and the lots of fortune and daemon to add an expanded awareness of lunar latitude, distance, size, speed, phase, and seed to our astrological philosophy and toolkit of delineation techniques.

Alan Clay

Sedna Through The Houses

Discover the evolutionary power of this dwarf planet, the new outer limit of our solar system, in our intimate daily lives. Sedna is always trying to get us onto the spiritual path and to help us she sends us crises that we have no choice but to transcend and, in doing so, reach a new level of consciousness. Her house placement shows the area of our lives in which this spiritual destiny plays out.

Frank Clifford

The Unfolding of Potential

The natal chart describes many (if not most) of the circumstances and events that will occur in our lifetime, as well as the people and places we gravitate towards. Join Frank in this new talk to examine how key natal aspects and configurations get triggered at particular times in order for us to work through and make the most of the natal patterns we signed up to experience.

Nathaniel Craddock

The Astrologer as Soul Friend: Cultivating Soulfulness in the Consulting Relationship

Several important traditional texts take time to describe an approach to understanding a person’s spiritual and religious temperament through their chart. Using original research and client case studies, this talk explores how these approaches can be creatively joined to the best practices of interdisciplinary clinical pastoral care. This allows us to reimagine the spiritual content of astrological consulting through a nonsectarian lens that helps the client cultivate soulfulness in accordance with their unique spiritual temperament.

Doug Egan

Astrology, Synchronicity, and the Scientific Paradigm

Astrology can facilitate some of the deepest philosophical musings that humans are capable of. In the modern world today we are deeply invested in the scientific, materialistic, and causative paradigm. But what new possibilities might the future bring? Why is synchronicity the most appropriate explanation for the ‘mechanism’ of astrology? Can astrology and science ever get along? As in every area of life, questions are ultimately more important than answers. Let’s ask some!

Maurice Fernandez

Retrograde Mars, Venus, Mercury – Not what we think they are!

As we celebrate this conference on a Mars Retrograde cycle in Aries, we can wonder how it will impact the upcoming dramatic US Election! Some of the great creative geniuses were born with Mars R, and some of the most successful operations were launched on Mercury R – how and why?! Maurice will share a unique perspective, for both personal charts and mundane events, that may very well have you Rethink Revisit Redo Retrogrades!

Carmen Ferreira

Through Past Lives

The clues presented in the astrological chart about our past may be related to the experiences reported during Past Life Therapy. We will present some clinical cases with their respective natal astrological charts and we will be able to observe the astrological positions indicating the recollected memories. Besides Astrology, it is a journey through history hidden in the clues of the astrological houses of memory.

Steven Forrest

When The Moon Is New

Watching the Moon chase the Sun around the chart by progression is slow business. When the two bodies align, everything changes. The experience is like death and rebirth. Logic fails. The only successful way through it is to follow your heart – but suddenly your heart speaks an unfamiliar language. Everyone who lives a normal life span will experience this passage at least a couple of times. Here is how to be ready for it.

Elisabeth Grace

The Horoscope Lives Forever

There’s something quite extraordinary happening in the horoscopes of people who make news – especially when those people are no longer among the living. Newshound Elisabeth Grace will share a decade of research with compelling cases of how the dead return to haunt the headlines and influence the present. Profound questions about fate and free will challenge us to reimagine what we see in the horoscope and what we’re doing when we study astrology.

Giulio Pellegrini

Introducing Etheric Astrology: A Tool for Understanding Psycho-spiritual Development

The body’s subtle energy system is known as the Etheric Body. This lecture presents original research and an innovative astrological framework for examining psycho-spiritual development and the process of individuation through the use of a second birth chart describing this energy field. Exploring esoteric and hermetic philosophy, 20th-century psychological models, contemporary energy theory and through chart examples, we’ll show how this second chart is a remarkably accurate tool for predicting vocation and calling.

Arlan Wise

The Astrology of Past Life Regression

Your chart tells you more than who you were in a previous life, it shows you how adept you are in experiencing past life regressions. I start with a delineation of Edgar Cayce’s chart. Then show charts of those who easily remember their past lives, those who cannot be regressed, those who are adept at leading others through the experience. We will look at what seems to be the common planetary factors.