Angela Blissbridge

Witch Hunts Then and Now: The Role of Planetary Nodes in Fueling Xenophobia with Simultaneous Emancipation Movements

A compelling exploration of the correlation between current times and 1300-1700’s witch hunts in the midst of the cultural, social, and religious Renaissance and Reformation movements. Angela Blissbridge identifies the role of Planetary Nodes that mark milestones, pivotal cultural-ideological shifts and tragedy in the course of European (and early US) history. These Astrological cycles provide context for our current times as we have experienced a rise of Xenophobia and a call for Emancipation since 2015.

Karen Christino

Tecumseh’s Curse

“Tecumseh’s Curse” has linked Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions with the cyclical deaths of U.S. presidents while in office. Is it an astrological cycle or an actual curse? I’ll look at the history of the cycle, Native American astrology, the lives of Shawnee leader Tecumseh and the American president who attacked the tribe, Tecumseh’s comet, eclipses of 1811, and the horoscopes of the presidents elected in zero years who died in office.

Roy Gillett

What’s Really Happening in Our Times

Astrology seen in a grand cosmic perspective explains the desperate-cannot-cope futility of contemporary short-term economic/political ‘solutions’. Our times mark a 500-year build up to changes even greater than those in Neolithic times. Roy will outline some past event markers, and then explore future dangers and our brilliant potential, as we advance from the first light of the December 2020 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction to the 24th century actual dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Edith Hathaway

Jupiter-Saturn 2020 – Fulcrum of a 120-yr cycle

The JU-SA conjunction cycle gives us major clues, by element and sign to socio-politico-economic concerns. The Dec. 21, 2020 conjunction marks the 60-yr. point, exactly halfway into a 120-yr. core period within the 278-yr. sidereal EARTH cycle (conjunctions predominately in EARTH signs). Will we continue where we’ve been going from 1961? Or turn the tide and break major patterns set in motion from 1961? If so, which U.S. presidential candidate is best equipped to lead?

Hakan Kirkoglu

Synodic Cycles of the Planets, History and Leaders

One of the crucial elements of the mundane astrology has been to study synodical cycles of the slow moving planets, i.e. conjunctional astrology. In this lecture, I am going to share my research findings on certain planetary cycles and major historical events, their agents and developments, like from the expedition of Christopher Columbus to the emergence of Socialism in the late 19th century or the big picture represented by the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

Michael Lutin

Humans Rising: Discovering Amidst Upheaval

Upheavals in relationships, economy, world politics are all inevitable and unpredictable. What makes us all intelligent is our ability to adapt to changing and unexpected situations and solve problems that sometimes seem impossible. That is why we are all calling ourselves aesthanomenontologists, the astrologers of sentient beings from Earth and elsewhere. And remember, The Jupiter Saturn conjunction is often seen as the death of an avatar.

Chris McRae

Great Conjunctions: Shifting Times

As planetary cycles swirl together in a massive kaleidoscopic array, history is written, fortunes gained or lost and geophysical changes erupt, as cycles unfold within cycles with each at a different stage of development. Where are we now and where are we going as remarkable influences challenge the unfolding of a new world order? How does this affect us personally as well as collectively?

João Medeiros

Aries Sun and Saturn Ingresses – from 1900 to 2050 – Shapers of History

After the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, ingresses play a major role in shaping history. In this lecture, João Medeiros presents a synthesis of his research on the ingress of the Sun into Aries and the ingress of Saturn in a new sign, from 1900 until 2050. Together, these charts were excellent timers of the 20th century main events – either political, economic, natural or scientific. Most likely, they will also show the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Eric Meece

Revving Up the Engines: Who Can Win in 2020, and What the Chronocraters Say About the 2020s

After researching all the USA presidential candidates in history, I developed an accurate scoring system for candidates. Who can win in 2020? Does the great conjunction of Dec.21, 2020 indicate the winning party, and how events will unfold after the election in the decade of the 2020s? Will progress rev up? Will today’s polarization resolve? Will there be war, depression or boom times? My research provides some answers.

Frank Piechoski

When Expansion Meets Restriction – Jupiter Saturn Conjunctions

What happens when Jupiter and Saturn meet in the sky? When the great inflator meets the great barrier? This lecture will examine the history of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions and how they have played out on the world stage. These Great Conjunctions will be set in their proper time throughout the ages and elemental mutations to help ascertain past and future meanings.

Sheldon Rosner

Pluto’s Cycle in US History

Our history has unfolded throughout the cycle of Pluto and each Pluto generation has yielded a different part of the story. Great leaders rise in times of great crisis in response and they will be discussed in this expose of our American evolution. Outer planet transits are included in this analysis. Presidents imprint their times, while the times determine who wins and reflected in their charts. Astrology examines history! Referred by Jodie Hart

Ellen Zucker

The US Pluto Return – A Time of Reckoning for the World’s Super Power

We cannot successfully negotiate America’s Pluto return without confronting the past. For starters, this country, based on the principle of human equality, was in fact a prison-house for millions of Americans who had no rights at all. Slavery was written into the country’s DNA–we could not have become a nation without it. But we continue to pay a heavy cost. Using astrology and history we take a look at the underpinnings that haunt us still.