Emira Antonic

Carousel of Love

Uranus entering Taurus brings changes and tribulation whichever field of life Venus rules. It is all about our essential values and relationships.

Henrik Bisbo

Synastry on Steroids – The Group Horoscope

Ever struggled with comparing three, four or five charts? How do you extract relevant information about a group of people and how they might cooperate and function as a team? The Group Horoscope, developed by Dr. Christof Niederwieser, enables you to glean valuable information from as many as twenty horoscopes combined. It is one of the most fascinating new ideas in modern astrology and I have used it with great success with my business clients.

Armand Diaz

Exploring the Astrology of Twin Soul Relationships

Sometimes a deep emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual connection lingers even if a relationship has ended. Our research has highlighted some of the key astrological configurations that are often present in twin soul relationships. Using synastry, the composite chart, and transits, we’ll explore the challenges and opportunities that can present themselves in these relationships, and offer insights into how twin soul relationships may evolve as we move towards a more Aquarian relationship paradigm.

April Kent

Saints and Suckers: Neptune in Relationships

To create a happy partnership with another person, it’s important to believe in their essential goodness and to have faith in their highest potential. Enter Neptune, the planet of unconditional love – and of rose-colored glasses. Neptune has a reputation for deception and disillusionment, too – and when those glasses come off, some partners are not what they appeared to be. How do Neptune’s illusions and delusions affect the process of choosing and creating partnerships?

Rachel Lang

The Affair – Identifying Relationship Turning Points and Potential Outcomes

Our concept of monogamy has changed over the years. Still, an affair can be a crisis point for an individual. Astrology can help offer a framework for assessing and forecasting potential outcomes. It can also provide insight into motivating factors, so individuals can find meaning and grow from the experience. This lecture will outline astrological signatures of affairs and challenging relationship turning points as well as discuss ways to help guide clients through these situations.

Alphee Lavoie

Love and Marriage

This lecture focuses on our findings with my research group, the ‘Gators’, researching over 1600 marriages showing how the Davidson and Composite charts play out in a relationship between two people. I will be talking about astrological aspects and concepts from the first attraction and what leads to marriage. I will show you how you can see if the couple that is dating will lead to the altar and when.

David Perloff

The Astrology (and Music) of the Beatles

2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of the break-up of the Beatles. They remain the best-selling musical artists of all time. We’ll look at the natal charts of the Beatles, with a special emphasis on the relationships involved: Lennon and McCartney, Yoko Ono and the Beatles, John and Yoko, etc. We’ll also look at the astrology of key moments in the Beatles story, and hear a little Beatles music too.

Nadiya Shah

Changing Bonds: Using Astrology to Transform Difficult Relationships

Healing our bonds with others can be some of the most rewarding spiritual work of a lifetime. We will attract people into our lives who can facilitate our deeper, karmic growth, so that we may use this lifetime well and become our best selves. This class will examine some aspects in the Synastry that indicate a challenging bond, and how people can use them to facilitate each others growth with care and consideration.

Erin Sullivan

The Composite Horoscope : Marie & Pierre Curie – the Radiant Couple

Erin’s original thinking and teaching – using powerpoint – introduces clearly what a composite chart is – the midpoint of two natal charts, becoming one identity. The astrology between Marie and Pierre AND the first test of the atom bomb is stunningly literal. The Composite is the most powerful tool in relationship astrology; her presentation is precise and literal. The astrology and story of a brilliant couple who were destined to create the Atomic Bomb.

Komilla Sutton

The Fault of Mars in Relationships and Marriage

Mars has a role in break-up, disputes, anger within of marriage and relationships. It is easy to get victimized by Mars. The fault of Mars happens when Mars is in certain houses & is known as Kuja dosha. Many charts have kuja dosha therefore how to manage and deal with Mars is the key of working with Kuja dosha. When is the fault of Mars at its most intense & the cancellation of this dosha.

Kay Taylor

Stellar Paradigm: The Future of Relationship Astrology

Kay Taylor integrates evolutionary astrology, psychosynthesis, intuitive mastery, and a wealth of healing wisdom. With a thriving practice for over 35 years, her Soul Path School offers complete training in astrology and intuitive/healing practices. She is Education Director for OPA and lectures regularly at conferences & groups. Writing: Soul Path Way (2016); Conscious or Crazy (2019); chapters in The Professional Astrologer (2015) & Essential Astrology (2019). Certified by OPA, ISAR CAP and NCGR Level II.

Aysegul Yanik

Magic of Synastric Match – Is He/She My Soulmate or My Twin Flame

Session will cover Synastry analysis, using natal charts & composite charts with key planets, midpoints, arabic parts, and asteroids to investigate relationship potential. Here we also add Love asteroids, midpoints, arabic parts to deepen our understanding of the relationship. I would also check if this couple has soul mate, or twin flame potential. All of my work will be based on Classical & modern astrology.