Michael Bartlett

Maverick Planets: Do you have what it takes to change the world?

Angular planets are maverick planets. They impel the native to archetypally express the planetary energy, which is further defined by the respective sign. Often unaware of the force of these expressions, mavericks simply are. Michael will present famous and infamous individuals from his book illustrating the dramatic effect such placements make, how they affect people, influence society and change the world.

Chris Brennan

The Best of Both Worlds: Blending Modern and Traditional Astrology

The recent revival of older forms of astrology has resulted in the rediscovery of many powerful techniques, but it has also raised a lot of questions about whether there is any way to reconcile the older traditions with the newer ones. In this lecture we will focus on identifying some of the areas of convergence and divergence between the traditions, and then propose some solutions for creating a new synthesis of modern and ancient astrology.

Gary P Caton

Elemental Magic: Navigating the Transformation from Earth to Air

Classically, the four elements are described as a combination of the qualities hot/cold and dry/moist. By reviewing how these qualities inform concepts such as temperament, we can understand an archetypal process and cycle of transformation illustrated in the ancient mandala known as the “square of opposites.” This, in turn, illuminates two different paths we may take in navigating the shift of Jupiter/Saturn, and practicalexperiential examples of how these look and feel in our lives.

David Cochrane

Babylonian Dodecatemoria and the Birth Charts of Gurus

Dodecatemoria are a way of dividing each zodiac sign into sections. There are two ways to calculate them. Strong planetary configurations using the ancient Babylonian method of calculating them reveals a need for transcendence or exceptionalism. Spiritual teachers and gurus have these strong planetary configurations but so do mafia leaders. For better or worse dodecatemoria lift us beyond human law. Its highest expression is a drive to be directed and guided by a higher force.

Austin Coppock

Calling the Planets: Astrological Magic in the Picatrix, Hyrgomanteia, and the Three Books of Occult Philosophy

The revival of traditional astrology would not be complete without the restoration of astrological magic. And what is magic without words of power? This talk explores three distinct magical approaches to planetary conjuration, comparing and contrasting the poetics and hidden implications of the orations described in three key texts of astrological magic: the 11th century Picatrix/Ghayat Al-Hakim, the 14th century Hygromanteia, and the 16th century Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

Demetra George


A Hellenistic doctrine used to judge eminence. Does a person have the astrological signature of prominence and power that warrants the protection of spearing bearing bodyguards (doryphory), not unlike the secret service surrounding a president, king, and queen? Integrating the traditional criteria of sect, zodiacal rulership, solar phase, aspects and house location, learn how to scrutinize the charts of current political leaders and aspirants to discover who has the moxie that metaphorically merits security guards.

Madalyn Hillis-Dineen

Astro*Carto*Graphy and the U.S. Presidency

Location, Location, Location. Not just a mantra for real estate agents but an important factor in examining charts. Using planet lines, paran lines and midpoint angularity, we will take alook at the astro*carto*graphy maps of contemporary US Presidents from Kenneedy to Trump and how they relate to their personal and public lives and the events of their Presidency..

Tony Howard

Saturn Rulership of Aquarius and the Grand Conjunction of 2020

When astrologers assigned Uranus as the modern ruler of Aquarius, many abandoned its traditional ruler, Saturn. Were we too hasty in this decision? Join Tony for a reassessment of the importance of the traditional rulership of Aquarius in the context of the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Through many chart examples we consider what gets lost in our understanding of Aquarius without Saturn rulership as we undo the blurring of planets, signs and houses.

Ema Kurent

Secondary Progressions in Latitude

Celestial latitude, a companion measurement to celestial longitude (ecliptic system) has remained an overlooked astronomical/astrological dimension. Research has shown that parallels of latitude are not only a viable and meaningful source of information on the natal chart potential – they also speak a lot when used in secondary progressions. Graphical presentations of planets progressed in celestial latitude reveal important energy transformations resulting in meaningful psychological and real-life changes. Theory supported by several example charts (life-graphs).

Michael Ofek

The Hellenistic Doctrine of the Sun – A Reconstruction of the Solar Phase Cycle

In Ancient Astrology, assessing a planet’s activity based on its position relative to the Sun, was of no less importance than the Sign and House it occupies.
A planet’s Solar Phase Cycle unfolds different aspects of its nature and behavior, the waxing and waning of its power, and the timing of its fruition. Connecting such concepts as elongation, speed, visibility/invisibility, station and retrograde – makes the understanding of this cycle fundamental to our modern practice.

Leisa Schaim

Mitigate Your Fate: The Art of Electional Astrology

Electional astrology is the art of proactively using astrology to ensure more successful outcomes for new ventures. This lecture will present some of the most important rules that you need to know for choosing auspicious dates and times to start new projects that are important to you, with the ultimate goal of having greater influence over your own destiny.

Carol Tebbs

Accurate Birth Time is Imperative for Forecasting: Saturn Exact vs Jupiter Approximate

Increasingly astrologers face clients with inexact birth times or even unknown times, since many countries do not record it. All birth times should be confirmed by simple testing before the astrologer begins forecasting; birth times within a half-hour range are easily tested. Wider time ranges or disputed times become increasingly difficult, but techniques and tools are available to pin-point the birth time for a chart that unfolds appropriately to confirm life events.