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Paulina Peñafiel – Aries – Labor of Hercules: The wild mares of the Thracian

Article translated from spanish to english. Hercules child kills the serpent sent by Hera The Sun travels through the zodiac in the period of a year, passing through each sign in approximately one month. On March 20 or 21 of each year, the Sun enters Aries marking the astrological new year, since Aries represents […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for October 2022

New Moon in Libra, 25 September 2022 GMT, 2 48 Libra This year, Libra new moon underlines a noteworthy combination of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus in which JU=SA/UR. This period also highlights the crescent phase of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, an important ingredient in mundane astrology.  Now Jupiter in Aries being at the highest point of […]

Cassandra Tyndall – Birth Chart Tips When You Don’t Have a Birth Time

Approaching a birth chart without an accurate birth time can be a stumbling block for both clients and astrologers alike. For the client, they might be wondering what astrology can offer when you don’t have a known birth time. For the astrologer, this means you need to use different tools in your astrological kit. This […]

Bernard Duchatelle – Uranus, Rahu, Intelligence and The Meaning of Life

Translated from: “Uranus, Rahu, l’intelligence et le sens de la vie” It seems that a successful, reasonably happy, creative and harmonious existence requires a tri-dimensional flourishing, i.e., associated with the affective life, the professional activity, and finally, the meaning of life itself. It is a question of equilibrium: a satisfactory affective condition makes it possible […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for August 2022

New Moon in Leo, 28 July 2022 GMT, 5 39 Leo There is an increasing emphasis on fixed signs during these lunations. Potent energies and will-power are indicated since the new moon in Leo has a trigon configuration with Jupiter which is also stationary retrograde at the same period. The sign of Leo and Jupiter […]