Course work is divided into Certificate and Diploma courses, which are taken over a two year period.

Certificate Program

The Certificate Program entails six courses for 12 credits that unfold over a nine month period. Learning occurs via one live class per/week, supplemented by audio files, video, online quizzes, and the explication of reading assignments with the support of the instructor.

Certificate Courses are: Credits
101: Foundations of AstroPsychology 2
102: Planets in Signs and Houses 2
103: Planetary Aspects and Personal Myths 2
104: The Horoscope as Evolving Story 2
105: Psychopathology & Healing in the Birthchart (I) 2
106: Psychopathology & Healing in the Birthchart (II) 2
Total Credits: 12


Diploma Program

Successful certificate candidates may go on to the Diploma Program, which includes 12 additional credits presented as six 2-credit courses over a period of nine months. Learning occurs via one live class per/week, supplemented by audio files, video, online quizzes, and the explication of reading assignments with the support of the instructor.

Diploma Courses are: Credits
201: Revisiting the History of Astrology 2
202: Transit Analysis & Conscious Evolution (I) 2
203: Transit Analysis & Conscious Evolution (II) 2
204: Counseling Skills and Astroethics 2
205: Astrology, Art and Cinema 2
206: Toward a New Astrological Paradigm 2
Total Credits: 12
Total Credits for entire Certificate/Diploma Program 24



Approximately once per/year, program participants are invited to Club Perrydise in East Hampton, Connecticut for a unique learning event. During these retreats, a variety of lectures and workshops are offered over a five day period. Symposia are intended to intensify learning by giving students supervised practical application of previously studied theory. Counseling skills are taught and demonstrated in a manner specifically geared to the astrological practitioner.

Recreational activities are also available, including kayaking, canoeing, swimming, hiking, badminton, and an extensive home gym. Movies are shown each evening that entail specific archetypal themes.

Retreats are entirely voluntary. Students are encouraged to attend at least one retreat as part of their learning experience.