The International Academy of Astrology (IAA) has four departments: the Department of Professional Training, the Department of Preliminary Education, the Department of Continuing Education, and the Department of Spanish Language Studies.

The Department of Professional Training consists of three modules: the Natal Studies Module, the Diploma Module, and the Professional Module.

The Professional Module consists of several tracks to allow graduates to specialize in a specific area of interest: the Medical Astrology Track, the Counseling Astrology Track, the Traditional Astrology Track, and the Evolutionary Astrology Track. These specialized areas are post-graduate.

All classes are held weekly online, in real time, and interactive with the instructor and fellow students via GoToMeeting. Students use their charts and the charts of 3 others that they know well so they can apply what they learn in their homework each week. Essays on certain topics are sometimes required as well as short answers to questions about astronomy. There are reading assignments each week as well.  A compressive final exam is given at the end of each course on all astrological techniques learned that semester, plus all applicable calculations and short answers about astronomy.  Grades are determined by 1/3 class participation, 1/3 homework, and 1/3 final exam. Grades are assigned A – C at 10% increments from 70% – 100%. Below 70% is a Fail.  Over the years we have had or currently have students attending class in our Professional Training Department from the following countries: USA, Canada, England, Germany, Australia, Greece, Japan, Singapore, India, and Columbia.