Track 01: Finance and Business

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  1. Picking the Winning Stocks and Sectors for 2009-2010
    By: Grace Morris
  2. Techniques for Market Predictions
    By: Alphee Lavoie
  3. Trading with Planetary Lines
    By: Fran Rackow
  4. What’s in It for Me
    By: Michael Lutin
  5. The Cardinal Climax 2008-2015: Investment Opportunities and Dangers
    By: Ray Merriman
  6. Successful Investment: How Knowledge of Astrology and Cosmic Cycles Makes the Difference. Outlook at 2010 and Beyond
    By: Claude Weiss
  7. Thieves, Scoundrels and Rogues in Business
    By: Naomi Bennett
  8. Looking at Currencies
    By: Christeen Skinner
  9. Financial Meltdown, Soft Tyranny, and Outer Planet Sign Positions
    By: Glenn Perry
  10. Working with Businesses
    By: Grace Morris
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