Summer 2022

Dubravka Oberzan - Slovenia

Hello Dubravka,

Let me be the first to congratulate you for being chosen as our GD of the summer season! This is our new project in which ISAR will express its gratefulness to Global Directors who performed exceptionally in the previous season.

Thank you so much. I was very surprised and I didn’t see it coming. I am very pleased that my dedicated work has been recognized by ISAR and fellow GDs and I am honored to be a part of the ISAR team.

To get started we want to know more about you. If you have any pictures of your service to ISAR and in Slovenia, we want to see them and a description about the picture.


How did you get into astrology?

I have been interested in astrology for as long as I can remember. I started with the Sun signs and then gradually expanded my astrological horizons. Shortly after the first Saturn return, my lifelong love affair with astrology began. I bought all the astrology books that were available in the former Yugoslavia at that time. It was a collection of eight books: The Only Way to Learn Astrology (I – IV) by Marion March and Joan McEvers, Synastry by R. Davison, Interpreting Solar Return by James A. Eshelman, Transits by Reinhold Ebertin, and The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology by Vivian E Robson. And the book of ephemeris, of course.

I studied on my own for several years before I had the courage to take on my first clients.

After Chiron’s return, I decided to completely reorient myself, leaving my professional career behind and embarking on my professional astrological path. During this time, I also enrolled in an astrology school, as this was a prerequisite for obtaining the ISAR C.A.P. certificate. In parallel, I studied astrology and AstroHealing and passed the ISAR exam in 2018.

What kind and types of astrology do you practice?

I have a degree in Astrology and AstroHealing Therapy, a therapy using flower essences, gemstone essences, environmental essences, and wild animal essences based on the natal chart and predictive techniques such as transits and progressions. I am also a certified Energy astrology consultant.

My professional work with clients usually includes both astrological consultations and AstroHealing therapy.

My special interest is in mundane astrology and karmic astrology and I am very enthusiastic about the influence of fixed stars in astrology. I teach and lecture on topics that are rarely on the curriculum at astrology schools, such as fixed stars and energy astrology. Sometimes I am a guest lecturer, other times I design independent courses and workshops.


What do you do, meet clients more or teach more? Please explain.

My work overlaps with both. Teaching, especially on topics that are rarely in the mandatory curriculum of astrology schools, gives me particular pleasure. Especially when it arouses curiosity in my students and a desire to explore the subject further.

Over the years I have written an astrology blog regularly, but due to my responsibilities and commitments as GD, I have let it rest a bit lately.


Tell us about your education and where you graduated?

In 1985 I graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Ljubljana with a BSc. in Mining Engineering and later acquired a specialization in Management (MBA) at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. My professional career spans more than 30 years and includes mining engineering, followed by many years in senior positions in public administration and telecommunications.

I gained formal astrological education at Johannes Kepler Institute in Belgrade where I studied and graduated in Astrology and AstroHealing Therapy.


How long have you been practicing astrology? – How did it start?

I have been interested in astrology for as long as I remember. Initially, like most, I perceived it only at the level of the Sun signs and was rather suspicious of it.
In the late 1980s or early 1990s, I began to look at astrology more seriously, so my connection to astrology has lasted for 30 years now. I bought my first serious astrological literature and ephemeris and began studying. At that time, we used a very simple program in DOS to create astrological charts, but it did not allow us to do much more than draw natal charts, progressions, and transits.

At first, of course, I studied the charts of my family and friends who had given me their birth data.
Later, the first clients came, and that’s how it started.

After my family struggled with my daughter’s illness for more than a decade and finally overcame it successfully, I made a life-changing decision: around my Chiron return, I followed my heart and chose my true calling, which has always been astrology.


Who are your Astrology heroes/heroines?

There are many. I have great respect for my teacher, Aleksandar Imširagić, with whom I studied Astrology and AstroHealing Therapy.
When I can, I follow the lectures of the amazing Rick Levin, with whom I had the opportunity to talk at one of the astrology conferences in Belgrade. I must mention David Cochrane and his pioneering work in the field of vibrational astrology. They both selflessly and generously share their wealth of astrological knowledge with the astrological community. Frank Clifford of the London School of Astrology has impressed me as a lecturer, and I recently attended his course “Teaching and Presenting in Astrology”.


What do you consider your three favorite Astrology books?

A very difficult question. Every new book is my favorite for a while.I have a similar enthusiasm and passion for books as I do for astrology, and my books need to be “materialized”, in physical form. My astrology library is only in its nascent stages and includes about 100 books. Unfortunately, I have lent some of them and they were never returned. Well, I am sure that they are in good hands now, in the hands of astrology enthusiasts.
But there are some books that are very important to me.
In the first place, I must mention Pillars of Destiny by Aleksandar Imsiragic. Fixed stars are one of my favorite topics in astrology. I have been researching it myself for many years, and A. Imsiragic’s book opened up a whole new world of astrology for me.
Some books have a special sentimental value for me because they represent milestones in my astrological development. While reading Healing Pluto Problems by Donna Cunningham, I first came across flower essences as a means of healing emotional problems related to the difficult placement of natal or transiting Pluto, which later determined my professional astrological path.
A special place on my bookshelf is occupied by Christian Astrology by William Lilly, a gift from a dear friend and astrological colleague.


In moving on, we are interested in any perceptions or insights you may have in being a Global Director.

I have noticed that more and more astrologers from Slovenia are interested in ISAR certification, which is proof of the increasing visibility of ISAR and the reputation that our organization enjoys in the world of astrology, and it also shows the efforts of astrologers to maintain high professional and ethical standards in the practice of the astrological profession. In this context, the important role of astrology schools operating in Slovenia and the quality of their education should not be ignored.

I have also noticed that more and more young people, including highly educated ones, are choosing to study astrology, which is particularly inspiring for me and strengthens my conviction that we do not have to worry about the future of astrology in Slovenia.


What interested you about ISAR?

In my opinion, ISAR is one of the most prestigious astrological associations in the world, bringing together a large number of astrologers from all over the world. This allows us to keep abreast of developments in astrology, network, and collaborate. It provides a platform for sharing knowledge and experience at the highest level while setting high standards of professional and ethical standards.


Could you please list the many talents and training of yours that you bring to ISAR?

Above all, my enthusiasm and dedication to astrology and my curiosity constantly drive me to learn and explore, I follow what is happening in the field of astrology, and I bring this knowledge to my local environment.
I see my role as GD as promoting the ethical and professional standards of the astrological profession and working in a variety of areas – working with clients, education, as well as raising awareness among the general public about the many branches of astrology and their value. In this way, we can introduce the general public to the myriad possibilities and benefits that professional astrology offers. With a professional approach and strict adherence to high ethical standards, astrology will become more trusted by the public and create an environment in which astrologers have many more opportunities to work.


As an ISAR Global Director, there are many responsibilities ISAR requires of its Global Directors. These include:

  • Write a report once a year about their projects for their respective country. Ideally this would be delivered by December 20 of each year.
  • Post articles on the ISAR website – four in his or her country’s language, four in English, and four translated articles from English into his or her native language. Dubbed “4-4-4.” This is a total of, at least, 12 pieces during the year.
  • Support and be aware of any portion of ISAR’s certification program in their country, regardless whether the Global Director is directly involved in organizing or sponsoring the training or not.
  • Maintain and be main moderator for their country’s ISAR FB group Instagram or YouTube.
  • Actively engage members of the group.
  • Supply weekly content, either in your country’s official language or translated articles or materials from English.
  • Promote ISAR’s weekly Star Club Webinars.
  • Share a post on #Wednesday Wisdom in the group.
  • Organize and host ISAR Star Club in local language (optional).
  • Have regular monthly talks with the ISAR Coordinator of Global.
  • Participate in ISAR GDs monthly group meetings.

ISAR is interested in how you meet these responsibilities. Can you tell us your motivation in being such a successful GD?

I think I have already answered this question. In short, I had to prioritize and I gave up some previous commitments. After a year, I think I am better able to balance both.


As ISAR’s Global Director for Slovenia, tell us about that and what you enjoy?

I am especially pleased to see the interest of young people in astrology and their interest in studying astrology. I am also pleased about the increasing interest of astrologers in ISAR certification, which clearly shows that we are pursuing high professional standards in astrology in Slovenia, which is certainly also a merit of the quality of astrological education in Slovenia.


What is difficult in this role and is there anything you would like to seen changed or modified?

We have to be aware that Slovenia is very small, with only 2 million inhabitants, so it is crucial that astrologers in Slovenia connect and work together. It is important that we continue the Star Club in Slovenian, although I would perhaps like to see more participants in our lectures. These are the challenges for the coming period, and I would like us to attract as many top-class speakers as possible.


What do you consider a real strength of yours?

I am passionate about astrology, I work coherently and integratively and, most importantly, I am not easily discouraged. I never give up.


What do you feel you have accomplished in Slovenia?

In my opinion, the most important achievement in my first year as GD is that we started the Star Club in Slovenia in 2022. It represents an opportunity for Slovenian astrologers to present their work and knowledge to the astrological community.

The lectures are also available to non-members (at a fee) so that we can present various astrological topics and modern trends in astrology to the wider public.

Regular posts in our FB group to promote ISAR events, such as the lectures at ISAR StarClub and the recent ISAR conference, have also brought ISAR’s work closer to the membership.

Interest in membership has also increased.

More astrologers recognize the value of the ISAR C.A.P. certification and are interested in taking the exam, to mention the most obvious and the most important.


This may be related, what do you feel is your greatest accomplishment to date in your astrology career?

We see that you are a CAP and have taken all the trainings and exams.


  1. Tell us about the certification process. Is it a good measure of your abilities?

The certification process itself is very demanding, as I believe it should be. Professional certification must be based on uniform criteria and standards to be credible.

I would like to point out the following: Since the exam is time-limited, it is of course of great advantage to take the exam in one’s language if it is available. So, I would suggest that extended time could be given to candidates if they take the exam in a foreign language (non-native speakers).


  1. Do you feel that certification by an organization is important? If so, why?

Absolutely. The ISAR certificate is a guarantee of a high level of professional competence of the astrologer according to the professional standards of ISAR and therefore an important message for the clients. This is the main reason why astrologers should be motivated to obtain this certificate.


What other organizations do you belong to?

I was a member of OPA a few years ago, but I wasn’t actively involved. I was following the webinars and other professional astrology events. The connection with different astrological organizations is very important for us from a professional point of view, as it allows us to keep up to date with the current developments in the field of astrology, get to know each other, and collaborate.


What is something else that your colleagues and clients don’t know about you, but might find interesting to know? Have you any hobbies and what? Tell us about your activities apart from astrology.

In addition to astrology and astroHealing therapy, I also practice biotherapy and am a certified Intuitive and Success Coach. I see my role as helping and supporting my clients to learn more about themselves and understand what is going on in their lives. Most importantly, I try to help them overcome unwanted patterns, encourage them, and guide them on their journey of transformation.

Before Covid, my husband and I traveled a lot. Travel broadens our horizons and at the same time brings us closer together. In contact with other cultures, we overcome prejudices and learn to accept differences. We are both city travelers, traveling mainly in the big cities to feel the pulse of the country and its people. I was most impressed by the elegant serenity of Montreal and the vibrant extravagance of Barcelona, as well as the incredible historical and architectural splendor of Rome. In London, I was engrossed in the bookstores for hours.

At some point, usually after difficult trials, we realize what is really important in life, what counts. For me, it’s my family and a few of my closest friends. My husband, my partner for 45 years, since my high school days. Two daughters, twins and two sons-in-law, and of course my 5 wonderful grandchildren. With them, my priorities in life have completely changed. They have pushed me to perfect my skills in baking holiday cookies and birthday cakes. Decorating is still my weak spot, but they always encourage me and assure me that I should enter the Master Chef competition (laughs). Understandable, with Cancer rising.
With my grandchildren, I have fulfilled a lifelong wish and started working with clay and the potter’s wheel. That will be my first purchase when I move from the capital to a house in the country.


Finally, is there a special message that you would like to convey to the members of ISAR

For the progress of astrology and its development, it is important that astrologers network, collaborate, and share their knowledge and experience. Therefore, I would like to establish a platform (e.g. the foundation of an astrological club) where professional astrologers and astrology enthusiasts in Slovenia can meet regularly and organize various events for astrologers and astrology lovers (lectures and presentations, thematic meetings, meetings with well-known Slovenian and international astrologers).
I would also like to invite them to submit astrological articles in Slovenian and/or English, which can be published on the ISAR website.
And finally, I would like to invite ISAR members to take advantage of the membership and invite non-members to join ISAR.


Zorana Stanojević ISAR CAP

ISAR GDs Coordinator