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Susan Gidel – Bitcoin Sleuthing—What Real Life Reveals about Location

Bitcoin is the ultimate rectification puzzle for astrologers—a perfectly exact time down to the second is widely known, but the location to cast the chart remains a mystery. Now that bitcoin has celebrated its first Jupiter return, let’s dig in to see which horoscope chart(s) for the cryptocurrency responded most interestingly to both headlines and […]

Paula Belluomini – Eclipses and the Saros Cycle around the World

Eclipses can easily be tagged as the most impressive of all Astrological events. Their anomalous behavior is perfectly visible from Earth and since ancient times these have been cataloged and studied. In this lecture we will illustrate the mechanics of the Saros Cycles, the theories that involve their effects, and analyze some relevant occurrences in […]

Rick Levine – Astrologer as Neutral Bystander or Engaged Activist?

Some people believe that astrologers should maintain neutrality on political and social issues. They think astrology is compromised in the hands of a practitioner who is attached to a perspective. Astrologers should be “above” opinions. However, many modern astrologers believe that astrologers should be fully engaged with respect to social and political issues. Is this […]

Gaye Alkan – Aristotle’s Hamartia in the Charts

“Hamartia” is the term from Aristotle’s “Poetics”. In the Greek language, Hamartia means, “to err”, or “mistake”. Aristotle used this term while explaining the hero’s tragic fault in the Greek Tragedies. He suggests that “the hero” has always a “Hamartia” and this Hamartia takes the hero to the tragic end. This is a kind of “weakness”, “a bleeding […]

Kathy Rose – The Love Connection

“What do we look for in relationship compatibility?” That’s always a profound question in astrology. It is so very important to interpret the WHOLE of birth charts as they relate to each other… not just one or two isolated aspects. We want to identify overall personalities that can naturally find harmony and meaning together. What […]

Zorana Stanojevic – Family Ties

Family ties are connections between family members, some very specific, some obvious, and often hidden. Astrology transforms symbols, their relations or positions into linguistic forms by which many doubts can be noticed, explained, and clarified both at the level of the individual’s psyche and at the level of unconscious reactions. The repetition of patterns from […]

Roy Gillett – Coming Back Together

The talk will study the astro-cycle foundation, underlying the tearing apart of relationships between and within societies and nations through the 2010s decade. Will the Piscean ruling planets (Jupiter and Neptune) coming together in April 2022, re-start our emotional understanding, leading to better relationships with each other? Will Saturn’s transit through Aquarius mature humanity? Roy […]

J. Lee Lehman – Perfection in Nativities

Most astrologers who talk about perfection use it in horary, but the ancient sources like Bonatti consider perfection to apply to all forms of astrology. In this lecture, we use examples to see how they apply in the natal chart. Can a perfection make a chart configuration easier? Find out! Full video at: ISAR STAR […]

Isabel Guimaraes – The Ancestral Memory of the Water Trinity in Astrology

Water houses and the relations with the memories of our ancestors are crucial in the relationship with how and when we access collective memory and DNA. Moreover, their knowledge allows us to change patterns of behavior by observing these mysterious astrological houses. In this webinar, I will approach each house of the trinity; I will […]