C.E.A.P. (Centro de Estudos de Astrologia Psicologica) Curriculum consists of 520 hours and is divided into three levels.
The Curriculum covers the areas of:
Natal Astrology – Level I (Basics, Chart Interpretation, Chart Delineation, Other Interpretation Techniques)
Forecasting – Level II = Forecasting, Solar Return, Birth Rectification)
Specialization Courses – Level III (here students may choose some of regular electives, which are: Synastry, Vocational, Horary, Elective, Children’s Charts, Psychological Astrology and Medical Astrology or others in Workshop format during the weekends along the year, such as: Mundane, Karmic Astrology, Traditional Astrology, Astrocartography, Vedic Astrology)
Students receive C.E.A.P. Certificate Level according to each completed level and must have completed all three Levels to receive Professional C.E.A.P. Certification.
In order to fulfill all the requirements, besides different tests, students must take Practical Classes in all three levels and meet classroom attendance requirements.