The Astrological Studies Center of Chile (Centro Astrológico de Chile, CACH) curriculum is structured on a three-year program basis. The students attend once a week classes including workshop practice.  The school´s study program covers a total of 524+ hours distributed in astrological education.

During their formation the students must do regular homework assignments, attend extra-curricular conferences and submit a full chart delineation accordingly at year end. As the Institute follows the phenomenological psychological approach, students must take a final examination as a method of self-evaluation.  By the end of the three year, a final Consulting Skills Training and evaluation is mandatory. In addition, the students must submit a research paper every year.

Upon graduation, the CACH grants the “Diploma for CACH Astrological Consultant”. Graduates may then apply for the ISAR´s Certified Astrological Professional Diploma (C.A.P.)