Simplified Statement of Ethics Principles

I solemnly affirm that, diligently and to the best of my ability, I will


1. Resolve, above all, never to bring harm to a client.

2. Strive to support with sensitivity and respect all clients who come to me seeking astrological perspective or counsel, recognizing and encouraging their autonomy and supporting them in making their own decisions.

3. Never needlessly frighten a client with extreme predictions, nor create false hopes in a client, and always affirm, that every astrological configuration can manifest in a variety of ways.

4. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding all information given to me in private except in situations where my silence would be grievously harmful to a client or to another person.

5. Maintain appropriate and clear boundaries with clients regarding my own personal needs and goals, whether they are sexual, financial or emotional.

6. Maintain and constantly improve my astrological skills, practice only within the boundaries of my expertise, and refer clients elsewhere when appropriate.

7. Familiarize myself with those parts of the ISAR Ethics Standards and Guidelines which apply to my branch of astrology, resolve to remain true to the spirit of the principles, and agree to cooperate respectfully with the ISAR Ethics Committee if named in any complaint to the Committee.