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Where is Reincarnation on Your Radar?

Does the human soul survive death and reincarnate through a progression of multiple lifetimes on planet earth? ANS Managing Editor Edward Snow says 68.5 percent of the 500 astrologers responding to the survey believe that reincarnated souls use individual lifetimes to clarify or advance the soul’s journey in some way.  They further believe the evidence […]

Astrology needs a Revolution – Part 1

Astrology is playing a very small game. Aided by new business, exponential technology (artificial intelligence) and data science it has the potential to contribute in a much more significant way to solving real-world problems to better serve humanity and the earth. The integration of these technologies, represents a bridging of spirituality and science. My intention […]

Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor and the Zodiac

Many Madonna fans, including myself, still enjoy Confessions as a timeless classic. It’s mostly a fun, upbeat, and danceable album, even 16 years after its release. But a discerning listener paying close attention to the lyrics, may discover something deeper in the structure of the album : a connection of each song to its respective […]

Replicated Study Enhances Astrological Claims

Astrology used to be viewed as a pseudoscience, but we now have enough scientific evidence to counter this view. We have large-scale peer-reviewed experimental outcomes that show repeated results. These results not only validate astrology they allow us to formulate a theory of astrology that can be tested. Replicated Study Enhances Astrological Claims

Astrology Study Validates Popular Psychology Test

Personality traits for individuals taking Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) align with descriptions astrologers use for astrological elements A theory advanced by one of the 20th Century’s most frequently quoted psychological experts on personality and intelligence has been validated by a 21st Century research astrologer. Astrology Study Validates Popular Psychology Test