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Astrology Study Validates Popular Psychology Test

Personality traits for individuals taking Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) align with descriptions astrologers use for astrological elements A theory advanced by one of the 20th Century’s most frequently quoted psychological experts on personality and intelligence has been validated by a 21st Century research astrologer. Astrology Study Validates Popular Psychology Test

Is This the Age of Aquarius?

Because every 72 years there is a change of 1 degree, this cycle was visible and known to the ancients. The zodiacal divisions, or Ages, move slowly “backwards” through the zodiac, with the result that we are currently transitioning from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. The question is, when does this take place? Although this subject has captured the public imagination, it retains a lot of mystery, and remains confusing.

What Did Regis Really Think of Astrology?

In his book, How I Got This Way, Regis Philbin, an inveterate story-teller and master of “spontaneous conversation,” describes a series of on-air meetings with the “remarkable” astrologer Sydney Omarr (his adjective). The first guest he booked on The Regis Philbin Show was Omarr, whose syndicated horoscope column was a staple in newspapers from coast to […]

The Evidence Accumulates but Proof is Never Possible

Astrology researchers are caught between polar opposite views. Astrology’s most sceptical critics insist on ‘irrefutable empirical proof’ before they can entertain the possibility of a connection between the celestial and the terrestrial. Astrologers of a mystical persuasion see researchers as desperate to prove astrology. They say, “Why try to impress our critics? They have already […]