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Psychological Astrology Explained

Ancient stargazers made the first tentative stabs at understanding the relationship between terrestrial events and celestial movements. 3000 years later, contemporary astrologers continue to mull how best to decode and interpret the mysterious movements of Sun, Moon, and planets through the 12 signs of the zodiac. Psychological Astrology Explained  

Where is Reincarnation on Your Radar?

Does the human soul survive death and reincarnate through a progression of multiple lifetimes on planet earth? ANS Managing Editor Edward Snow says 68.5 percent of the 500 astrologers responding to the survey believe that reincarnated souls use individual lifetimes to clarify or advance the soul’s journey in some way.  They further believe the evidence […]

Responding to Astrology’s Critics

Astrologers often face the criticism that our work is imprecise and not scientifically valid or verifiable.  Skeptics remain unconvinced of astrology’s viability as a form of knowledge about human experience.  This raises a challenge for those of us who seek to validate astrology in our society, to gain respect for our work.   Responding to […]