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Dialing Into Progressions and Empowering Our Story With Consciousness

Speaker: Philip Daniel Miles / United Kingdom


Using the progressed chart technique we are able to take an in depth feel into our stories & experiences. As our natal chart unfolds through the progressing lunar cycle were born into we gain so much awareness on the evolution of our souls journey & this technique allows us to witness this with profound compassion which can allow for great healing. As we retell our story through the eye of experiential wisdom gazing back at prior circumstances with mature eyes we witness & gaze internally with the healing loving eye of the heart. This is a profoundly valuable technique to study in our own practice as our picture of consciousness continues to develop as well as with clients. I am excited to share with you my take on how best to use this technique that has been so useful for work with clients for some years now.

Speaker Bio

Philip Daniel Miles

Empowering others to lead their best life and telling their story how like it. Astrology is a fine tool for exercising the consciousness of the mind, heart and spirit. Practicing Astrology for over 12 years has been a fantastic process of embodiment as well as self-discovery. This craft I most enjoy teaching to others so they are able to grasp how to work with Astrology for themselves. I have also been making daily content on for many years, interviewing over 150 world renowned Astrologers. A couple of years ago I moved to Mexico to teach workshops in person within spiritual communities. I have also put on events such as Astro Tulum 2022 & Astro Tulum 2023, hosting many astrologers and astrology fanatics over the course of a multiple festival of workshops and presentations. At the heart of all of all, I am sharing in presence the awareness of connection and being a witness to self with other miraculous beings mirroring back grace all around us.



Topic: Dialing Into Progressions and Empowering Our Story With Consciousness
Start: Tuesday, Mar 14, 2023 07:00 PM
Category: English, StarClub UK
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Current Timezone: Etc/Greenwich

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