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Gary Canton – The Great Conjunction Cycle & Modern Aeonics

Detailed research and examination of the ~800-year cycle of Great Conjunctions through the four elements uncovers deep flaws in our source materials that need revision and understanding. Additionally, a broad overview of 12 cycles (over 10 Millennium) reveals hitherto unknown and unexamined data. The data points to a fascinating shift, singular within that vast expanse […]

David Cochrane – Exciting Discoveries in Astrology

Some of the world’s greatest athletes, like basketball player Michael Jordan and soccer player (footballer) Pele, have extremely similar planetary configurations in their birth charts. In fact, there are similar planetary configurations in all of the greatest athletes! Yes, Mars is involved in these planetary configurations. There are also consistent planetary configurations in rock stars […]

Elena Lumen – Who is the winner? Horary techniques for delineating questions about competitions, elections, and lawsuits

In this webinar, we will review traditional horary astrology methods for determining the winner in a situation of competition or dispute. These are some of the most complex but rewarding questions horary astrologers face in their practice. Traditional astrology provides a clear methodology for delineating such questions, and we will review how it applies to […]

Samuel Reynolds – Playing Your Parts: The Parts of Spirit and Fortune

Learn more about what the Parts of Spirit and Fortune are in your chart, how they are calculated, and ways to reference them in timing and enhancing your personal development. (For starters, your part of fortune is less about “luck.” Come hear what it’s really more about.) Full video at: ISAR STAR CLUB Find out […]

Karine Dilanyan – Decoding the Enigma of Fardars – the Arab-Persian Time Lord System

It was Robert Zoller, who introduced this forgotten predictive technique to astrologers in the 80-90s of the twentieth century and incorporated it into contemporary astrological practice. Twenty-five years later Robert Hand declared: “we have not fully digested traditional astrologies – to use the proper term – we have not mastered the techniques.” The entire system […]

Nina Gryphon – Horary for Neophytes

Horary is the ancient art of answering questions without need for a birth horoscope. It’s the closest astrological technique to divination that provides a full picture of a situation’s past, present, and future. Learn how to approach a horary chart and find your answer, and how to dig deeper for details. Nina Gryphon will teach […]

Martha Clarke – How to Change Your Life with Astrocartography

Topic will cover what astrocartography is versus relocated charts. The importance of deeply understanding the natal chart first. The understanding of why it is so important to generate a transit chart first – your transits follow you wherever you go! The difference between a relocated chart and astocartography – why understanding the relocated houses is […]

Lea Imsiragic – What Can We Expect for the Second Half of 2021? A Guide to Use the Energy for the Best

This lecture will be a practical Astro-guide for the second half of 2021.  How can we use the energy of both favorable and challenging aspects, not just to survive but to thrive? We will explore: The animal spiritual guide for 2021, and its significance for understanding main directions. The Full Moons and their main energy […]

Itziar Azkona – A Journey to the Underworld

Before Synastry, Natal Charts contain the emotional map that takes us to any place we want to conquer. In relationships we project many of our inherited patterns from the family past in order to learn how to overcome them in our individuation process. This is a meeting to share some keys on how to approach […]