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Ursula Stockder – Venus and the Entrance to our Creative Labyrinth

The labyrinth has to do with a mystery, with something experienced; it represents the constant search within us, where we have to combine both the masculine energy and let ourselves be guided by the feminine in a perfect balance. Theseus is allowing himself to be guided by Ariadne’s common thread. Aphrodite/Venus represents the persuasion for […]

Robert Weinstein – Assessing the Vital Force in Medical Astrology

Some people seem blessed with good health throughout life, while others suffer from chronic health problems. Some people are sensitive and delicate while others are hardy and resilient. By studying key placements in the natal chart such as the condition of the Ascendant Lord, the Sun and Mars, overall hard and soft aspects, and the1st […]

Mark Douglas – Stress Planets in the Huber Energy Curve: Compensation, Sublimation, Transformation

Michel and Francoise Gauquelin conducted the largest statistical studies of timed birth charts in the 20th century. According to the Gauqelin’s research, elite sportspeople most frequently have Mars before the AC. Mars before a cardinal cusp, especially the AC, makes people want to finish first all costs. Bruno and Louise Huber extended the Gauquelin’s research […]

Maurice Fernandez – Relationship and Compatibility in Astrology

Astrology can help us understand relationship needs and prospective dynamics – beyond that, it can tells us WHY we come together, what the purposes of our relationships may be. We can see through our charts the types of relationships that may be the most natural and authentic for us—and along with that, the potential challenges […]

Kristine Backes – Saturn: Friend or Foe?

Saturn is the great malefic according to traditional astrology. But is the ringed planet really so awful? Saturn’s archetypes range from the grim reaper to the Lord of Karma to Father Time. Yet, Saturn guides our process of maturation and offers integrity. Saturn is the great teacher. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at […]

Gary Canton – The Great Conjunction Cycle & Modern Aeonics

Detailed research and examination of the ~800-year cycle of Great Conjunctions through the four elements uncovers deep flaws in our source materials that need revision and understanding. Additionally, a broad overview of 12 cycles (over 10 Millennium) reveals hitherto unknown and unexamined data. The data points to a fascinating shift, singular within that vast expanse […]

David Cochrane – Exciting Discoveries in Astrology

Some of the world’s greatest athletes, like basketball player Michael Jordan and soccer player (footballer) Pele, have extremely similar planetary configurations in their birth charts. In fact, there are similar planetary configurations in all of the greatest athletes! Yes, Mars is involved in these planetary configurations. There are also consistent planetary configurations in rock stars […]

Elena Lumen – Who is the winner? Horary techniques for delineating questions about competitions, elections, and lawsuits

In this webinar, we will review traditional horary astrology methods for determining the winner in a situation of competition or dispute. These are some of the most complex but rewarding questions horary astrologers face in their practice. Traditional astrology provides a clear methodology for delineating such questions, and we will review how it applies to […]