The Astrological Center of Buenos Aires, also known as C.A.B.A. Center, is a non profit foundation created in Argentina in the year 1961.  It is  one of the oldest active astrological institutions in the whole world, dedicated to the promotion,  research and development of the astrological field in its different branches and approaches.

We offer a broad and exciting career based on the new integrative paradigms of the 21st century, working from different perspectives on both theoretical and practical issues.

During our conferences, workshops and specialization seminars we share key concepts of modern and ancient astrology and promote the new findings.


CABA has an own Area of “Astrology and Science” where many astrological postulates and assumptions are analysed through scientific methods such as statistics.

The main objective is to contribute to unravel and overcome the incongruities between theory and practice that we usually find in consulting, as well as the internal contradictions of our assumptions and also to find out the origin of common errors in dynamic diagnoses.

This area is also committed to the research and development of new contents, testing common natal and dynamic astrological claims and applying the results for a better quality of interpretation.


The school curriculum is focused on natal chart interpretation and its temporal development and evolution through the progress of life experience.

We actively study the correlation between human minds, our internal/external processes, the emergent events we experience, and the corresponding astrological dynamic activations mobilized by transits, progressions, primary directions, etc.


Our School Program has three different levels : Basic, Advanced and Upper Level.  The contents are distributed in 10 different units (16 classes each, one class per week) and conform a sequence of theoretical and highly practical topics which have a progressive increase in complexity. The classes are hold online in real time in our educational plattform, with an interaction between the professor and students. They can also have  deferred classes.

Full career : 320 hours regular classes in total, plus specialization seminars which topics can be chosen by the student (political astrology, medical astrology, synastry, astronomy, mythology, humanistic and psychological astrology, harmonics, astrology and science, etc).

Students can take one, two or more units during each semester. The career can be finished in a minimum of two to a maximum of five years, depending on the students time possibilites. We offer theoretical and practical classes, with different kinds of excercises. There are two evaluations per unit.

Diploma: “Astrologer –  with a specialization in temporal activation and evolution”.  Only for students that approve all the evaluations with a minium of 70%.