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Pam Gallagher – Soul Growth in the chart: Understanding purpose

Starting with element emphasis – Modality emphasis – then moon to sun relationship (difficult / easy). Closing with the strongest aspects to the sun and moon shows strengths and struggles in the choices of the lifetime. To finalize the topic, focus on the nodal axis message that combines with sun and moon relationship.   Full […]

Ursula Stockder – El Significado Profundo De La Astrología Representado En El Arte

El lenguaje alquímico expresado a través de una pintura y una carta astral tienen mucho más en común de lo que reconocemos a primera vista. Ambos comparten una variedad de símbolos, mensajes ocultos y colores vibrantes llenos de significado que no se pueden explicar de una manera lineal. Johann Wolfgang Goethe fue un escritor y […]

Marie-Louise Daguerre – Tribute to André Barbault

On December 1st, 2019, in Paris, there will be an event in honor of Andre Barbault. This tribute is organized by the French school Agapé, represented by Solange de Mailly Nesle, Martine Barbault and Yves Lenoble. A busy program (including several conferences and a video) will take place. Therefore, a lot of people are expected […]

Kelly Surtees – Your Progressed Sun: Journey to the Authentic Self

Learn about the progressed Sun, and what it can show you. Discover a powerful timing tool to mark critical turning points in your life journey What does your progressed Sun represent? How does the progressed Sun move through your chart? Join Kelly and discover the nuances of your personal progressed Sun journey in this webinar. […]

Graham Ibell – A New Map for Aotearoa/New Zealand?

The case for an astrology chart for Cook’s arrival (Part 1) Summary This article lays down the argument and justification for a new astrological chart for Aoteroa/New Zealand. In part 1 a brief description of the most commonly used mundane charts for New Zealand is given. A new map is proposed, drawn for the first […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Reporte de Lunación para Noviembre 2019

¡Potencialmente peligroso! Luna nueva en Escorpio La luna nueva en Escorpio ocurrió el 28 de octubre con características potencialmente explosivas y violentas debido a su oposición exacta a Urano. Este aspecto difícil puede implicar riesgos en muchas ocasiones, así como un estímulo para el cambio en nuestras vidas. Sin embargo, en términos de astrología mundana, […]

Alex Trenoweth – Zeus on the Loose

Parents, teachers and authority figures worry a lot about how children learn, how they should be disciplined and how they can motivate them. What they don’t understand is that astrology can be enormously effective in eliminating the trial and error method of raising and teaching happy and content children. The first step towards this understanding […]