ISAR offers our members several discussion groups for more in-depth discussion on astrological topics of interest. These discussions are free and open to all ISAR members.

If you’re an ISAR member and would like to launch your own discussion group, please email [email protected] to find out more information.


How to join a study group:

Go to your ISAR membership account profile and select the check boxes for the study group you wish to join

When you renew your membership with ISAR, select the groups you wish to join during the membership checkout process

Email [email protected] and ask to be added to the discussion group list


Estoteric Studies Discussion Group

Moderator: Marguerite Dar Boggia
Current Membership: 161

The Ancient Wisdom Teachings through the Esoteric Studies prepare us for discipleship and eventual mastership. While some or most of the teachings may be incomprehensible to the personality, it is food for the soul. The Tibetan Master says: the soul is starved and the way to achieve our goal is through study, meditation and service. Three pages weekly are e-mailed mostly of the writings of the Tibetan Master, Djwal Kuhl. It covers an understanding of the Laws and nature of the universe, the vehicles of spirit, soul, Cosmic mind, the personality, deva or angel lives and much more.

Spritual Astrology Discussion Group

Moderator: Alice Kashuba
Current Membership: 77

A forum for ISAR members wanting to exchange ideas and research on spiritual and metaphysical astrology. Some of the concepts and practices that will be discusses are as follow: Divination – its definition and integration of tarot and related practices. Evolutionary Astrology and how it helps further the development of the soul; Exploration of the Seven Rays and their relationship with plants and signs; Mythology  – the messages from the life of the gods as suggested by Joseph Campbell’s thoughts. Spiritual/Esoteric Astrology is subject to how each participant responds to the presence of the Indescribable Force. Therefore, we welcome all ideas that are respectfully presented.

Financial Astrology Discussion Group

Moderator: Matt Carnicelli
Current Membership: 68

ISAR Financial is a lightly-moderated discussion group for astrologers interested exchanging perspectives and methods related to financial astrology.  The range of topics explored in this group tend to be broad and general, rather than highly-technical and trading-focused.  Quite a number of leading financial astrologers have participated in this group since its inception in 2001 but, as with all things financial, past performance is no guarantee of future results!

Mundane Astrology Discussion Group

Moderators: Hakan Kirkoglu and Robert Gover
Current Membership: New Group begins Dec. 2011!

Share your experience, knowledge, and opinions on the vast subject of Mundane astrology! Historically, Mundane astrology is considered the point of origin of all astrological knowledge since antiquity.  It embraces a tremendous technical and philosophical background. Topics will include the effects of outer planets ingresses,  solar eclipses, and major planetary cycles on the world stage. We exam various national charts and the prominent people and leaders in the news who affect the global front. Share your astrological findings about natural events, your expectations about political trends and events in international affairs, as well as their repercussions in a larger setting. The history of ideas and cultures will be discussed and ongoing arguments in science and technology can also be explored. Because there are many different views on this subject, this group will uphold fairness and an open-minded, friendly attitude in all discussions.