R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for April 2023

Full Moon in Libra, 6 April 2023, 05:34:29 GMT, 16° 07 ́ Libra

A full moon in Libra occurs on the 6th of April which highlights mutual issues and shared sensitivities. Recently, there have been great changes in the astrological background. Mars ingressed to Cancer a cardinal sign after staying in Gemini for many months. It is still out of bounds but now urges us to look at our sensibilities and close environment and asks us to concentrate on our feelings and inner states. Indeed Saturn now in Pisces, having a trine with Mars, requests us to be emotionally mature and more willing to make sacrifices. On the other hand, Pluto’s historical ingress to Aquarius brings many new elements into our social world emphasizing issues revolving around justice, democracy, and civil rights.

Full moons in Libra accentuate agreements as well as disagreements in which certain conclusions and karma can be reached in the light of our earlier experiences. Jupiter plays a crucial role here. Our worldviews, beliefs, and opinions are needed to be revised or can be recalibrated. Certain ideologies and international matters can come directly under review or might be reformulated.

During this period, there is a greater and deeper emphasis on new lines of communication, understanding, and exchange of ideas as the north node combine with Mercury and Saturn. These combinations facilitate much deeper and more responsible thinking, negotiations, and cooperation.

This full moon in Libra draws our attention to Aquarius and Pluto for Buenos Aires, Argentina. Aquarius rising here emphasizes social issues and civil rights as well as certain economic measures and needs. There is a greater responsibility and an urgency in matters of services and public needs. The media and certain ideologies can also be accentuated these days. International affairs can play a much more significant role in the agenda of the country.

The full moon for Berlin, Germany demonstrates a striking paran relationship between Sun (rising) and Mars (deculminating) which suggests that urgency is needed for leadership amid security concerns. Mars on the IC has a trine aspect with Saturn in the 12th house. The trine aspects between these water houses are expected to be more troublesome and tiring. Since Mars also rules the 8th house, certain crisis-bearing situations are likely to manifest during this period.

During this lunation, Uranus rises and the luminaries are seen in the cadent houses for Kyiv, Ukraine. Uranus appears to bring much change and seems quite noteworthy as natal Uranus is also in the 1st house in the national chart. In this period, transit Uranus forms a trine aspect to the natal Capricorn Asc in the natal chart of Ukraine. These changes might be related to constitutional reform. It is interesting to note that transit Saturn is also crossing over Ukraine’s natal Sun which closely accentuates the issues relating to the authorities and current president Volodimir Zelensky.

Solar Eclipse in Aries, 20 April 2023, 05:12:30 GMT, 29° 50 ́  Aries

Interestingly, this will be the second lunation in Aries and this time there will be a solar eclipse in the very last degree of the sign. In astrology, eclipses are considered potent celestial events that can amplify the energies of the lunar nodes. Solar eclipses are associated with the North Node and can bring new beginnings, opportunities, and growth. During the following days of the eclipse, Jupiter will be more visible in the sky and he will form a strong doriphory for the Sun. Eclipses in Aries can bring events that courage and new beginnings are strongly favored. Leadership and brave actions might be much more laudable. Meanwhile, the presence of 29 degrees also contains some elements of crisis, blocks, or issues relating to ongoing events.


Indeed, the eclipse degree is closely aspected by Pluto which has recently ingressed in Aquarius. Although this is not a sign-based square, they are in half degree orb that indicates a time of intense transformation, power struggles, and upheaval. The square aspect between the eclipse and Pluto can indicate that issues related to power, control, or authority may arise, and these events can be directly related to leaders and authority figures. For the next six months, we can expect new modes of leadership, strong winds of change, and certain power struggles that would bring social change and transformation.


For example, for Ankara, Turkey this potent solar eclipse brings Pluto to the midheaven in Aquarius. It can suggest that issues related to power and control will be prominent in the collective consciousness, particularly in the areas of government, institutions, and authority figures. Aquarius is a sign that values innovation, progress, and collective ideals, and Pluto in this sign can suggest a time of radical change and upheaval in the political and social structures. Interestingly, the upcoming presidential and general elections in Turkey, presumably on 14th May can bring tumultuous times in Turkish politics. Since the opposing parties are decisively seeking to reestablish the parliamentarian system again with a new reinforced format.

Similarly, Pluto is also on the midheaven for Kyiv, Ukraine but early degrees of Gemini rise.


This Aries eclipse shows cardinal signs on the angles for the western part of the European continent. Starting from London, UK, Aries rises in most of Germany (however in Berlin Taurus rises), in France, Italy, Switzerland, and the western part of Austria. The fiery energy of Aries and Mars would be felt more prominent in France, particularly around Paris. The presence of Mars in the 4th house is expected to focus our attention on security problems and domestic affairs.

As you see in the map above, the shadow path of this eclipse will be seen from the Indian Ocean to Australia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and South East Asia to the Pacific Ocean. These lines and their parallel extensions might indicate eventful times for East Asia. Interestingly, the eclipse chart for Beijing, China shows the eclipse on the midheaven. Significantly, we might expect even more visible political events and changes in China and the countries close by. Jupiter in the 9th house which is also seen close to the midheaven might emphasize major projects, and grand ideas as well as a strong display of power on an international scale.

On the other hand, the solar eclipse for Washington, DC also shows much international involvement, excitement, courage, and dissemination of ideas and ideologies. The emphasis in the 5th house might suggest a strong display of feelings of superiority and national pride. This would be related to sports, entertainment, arts, and the things related to youth. Moreover, the trine aspect between Venus and MC in Libra can facilitate diplomacy and negotiating power in the international arena.


While the eclipse degree activates the 5th house matters, it also makes a square aspect to Pluto in the 2nd. So, speculative actions in financial markets and large investments would help economic growth and in return could affect the international value of the US dollar.


This text is completed on 8 March 2023.

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