Asdrubal Moreno – Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto in Aquarius will be from March 23 until June 11, then its going to retrograde back to Capricorn and so it will be until 2025 for 20 years. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was between 1778-1840 and What happened? The Industrial Revolution: Economic, social and technological transformation of the XVIII century. The French Revolution:  Political social conflict, old regime facing the new one. Gradual abolition of slavery.

Curious fact: In 1775 Alexander Cummys Scottish watchmaker was the first to patent a toilet design. But in 1778 Joseph Braham English, an inventor and a keymaker was the one who finally improves the flush toilet. So it was a really important technology milestone.

We can expect a cycle where since 2008 we have been transforming (Pluto) structures (Capricorn) and now as a consequence, we enter the 20-year cycle of already those structures demolished, building new ones, reforming, revolutionizing.  Especially in the areas of science and technology. And how society is going to reorganize.

Therefore  from  2023, starting in March, begins a path of being aware of what needs to be innovated in my life, what I need to change, what I need to bring to the surface. I think the Artificisl Intelligence is going to be a huge part of this.

What I really strongly recommend  is self-awareness, the lucidity of who I am being, if not Pluto will do it anyway, if we help it is going to be easier and sometimes less painful.

Under this context the questions are what it means to be a human? ¿what does that mean? If we want to have a better world, we have to start with myself, my home, my  family, my neighborhood and so on… Aquarius is the sign, of a future oriented archetype and it wants society to be better, to have a better future, to progress. But for that, I need to ask myself the questions: ¿who am I? What do I want to be? What do I care about in this moment of life? What is my intention?

The change with technology in the next 20 years will be transcendental, it always has been depending on the era. In this cycle is about of how are we going to relate to it, never forget that everything has lights and shadows.

Finally, our human technology is the most important and to progress and evolve , it is about ourself consciousnessand self awareness. It is our attitude and how we think, that needs to change.The new versión of ourselves, we need to be updated.


Asdrúbal Moreno.

CACH/CAPISAR Astrologer.

Chile Global Director.

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