AstroArt School of Astrology offers a educational curriculum that cover both classical and modern astrological techniques. Besides that, the School offers many different specializing classes for those who wish to improve their knowledge after they complete the certificate course.

These courses cover a wide range of topics which are namely Medical astrology, Financial astrology, Mundane astrology, Esoteric astrology, Uranian astrology, Cosmic astrology, Horary astrology and Electional astrology.

In order to graduate, students should attend at least 75% of the classes and complete the four-year course.

The School also provides on-line interactive classes and web broadcast through astrology TV.

AstroArt school also has been a pioneer on carrying its education program into one of the internationally recognized Turkish university (Girne American University) and hence providing recognition with a certificate of acknowledgement for the astrology education at university level. The certificates are given and signed by the rectorate and classes are held at the university premisses. This program has been started from 2014.

Also, AstroArt School has been organizing “International Astrology Days” each year on March at the spring equinox since 2012.