The Kepler Institute’s curriculum is structured as a four-year program that covers 36 different areas of astrological studies.

The school’s study program covers chart delineation in the first year, forecasting, synastry, horary and electional astrology in the second year, mundane, astrocartography, karmic astrology, and Jyotish in the third year), and Hermetic Astrology in the fourth year.

Upon graduation of the fourth year, the school offers four different diplomas: Diploma for Astrological Researcher, Diploma for Astrological Consultant, Diploma for Astrological Teacher, and Diploma for Hermetic Astrologer.

Lectures can be attended both within regular study lessons and also by correspondence courses. In both cases, the student is required to take exams in 36 subjects during four years of study. This means 9 subjects for each study year. Beside that, each student needs to do regular homework assignments, attend the practice hours with the Institute assistants, to pass several specialized workshops and to do written work at the end of each course, including Diploma work at the end of their studies.