Tara Aal


Tara is an astrologer, writer, and artist who loves spirituality and metaphysics. In addition to practicing Evolutionary Astrology, she works with the tarot, crystals, Hermeticism, and animal medicine. Her approach to the archetypes is experiential and creative, including the astrological technique Planets on the 1st. She created a series of YouTube videos called “We Are the Planets” through EA Zoom Meetings. Tara studied extensively with Laura Nalbandian and Adam Gainsburg (Soulsign Astrology).

Since 2010, Tara’s been building her practice through clients, teaching, art, and writing. Her speaking engagements include NORWAC, UAC, Kepler College, Washington State Astrological Association, and the Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage. She’s featured on the radio and podcasts, is a regular presenter with EA Zoom Meetings, and her articles have been published by The Mountain Astrologer, Astro.com, Infinity Astrological Magazine, and Celestial Vibes. She’s currently the resident astrologer and lead writer for Sage Goddess. Tara’s also passionate about music, photography, painting, drawing, and exploring nature and the outdoors. You can learn more and reach her at www.TaraAal.com.