Itziar Azkona – Jupiter-Neptune In Pisces – The Avatar Conjunction


Jupiter will reach Neptune in exact conjunction on April 12, 2022 at 23º 58′ Pisces. At that moment, the previous cycle, started 13 years earlier, closes to start the new one. This conjunction occurs in the signs in an inverse way, in an esoteric sense, that is, from Aries to Taurus instead of Aries to Pisces, and completes the transit through the 12 signs after about 166 years. The last conjunction like this year, in Pisces, took place in 1856, when Sigmund Freud and Nicola Tesla were born. On the one hand, Freud would embody the idea of ​​navigating and diving into the unconscious giving life to a new world, the psychological one. On the other hand, Nicola Tesla would give life to the dream, which still endures, of free energy for all, and of creating and maintaining light, energy, life… It is said that Nicola Tesla even participated in the Philadelphia experiment whose objective would have been to make a submarine disappear. This event undoubtedly reverberates the symbolism of a powerful Neptune diluting the limits of the physical and making something very large, very Jupiterian, could pass to another plane, to another dimension, beyond the physical.

This same idea is part of the main plot of the movie Avatar, in which the main character, who cannot walk due to a leg injury, achieves it in another dimension, when he transcends the limits of the physical, through an avatar. In 2022, the idea of ​​the company Meta, formerly Facebook, emerges in a similar way to create the Metaverse, that world in which we could create new realities to access through an avatar. But let’s go back before, for a little while, to the most recent past, to the beginning of this cycle that is ending.

In 2009, the date of the previous Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, the cinema suffered a shock with the release of James Cameron’s film, Avatar. This film marked the definitive impulse of 3D cinema and turned out to be, at the time, the highest-grossing film in history, that is, it connected with millions of people. Not surprisingly, the Jupiter-Neptune cycle begins in 2009 in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of the most ingenious technology. The entire theme of Avatar also contains a symbolism linked to the energies of Jupiter-Neptune in its most spiritual version, in the version in which both archetypes lead us to believe that everything is possible and to overcome physical limits. As I said, the main character of the film accesses a new dimensional world, more subtle, from which he has to learn from scratch in order to connect with himself and with the rest of the species. The unit appears as a source of power and strength of that world, in memory of that Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius.

Thirteen years later, in December 2022, at the dawn of the new cycle, the release of Avatar II is expected from the hand of a director, James Cameron, who has in his natal chart, as its main aspect, a T-square that connects Jupiter with Neptune and Chiron. The new Avatar will also be a film that is already known to take place mainly in the element of water, such as the sign of Pisces, where this new cycle begins. Without a logical scientific explanation for the expression of so much synchronicity, we are left with the possibility of giving ourselves over to the arms of a conjunction that first seeks to dilute all absolute power until it sinks us into the depths of the unconscious, of the unknown, of the magical, for a final rising up.

In the meeting of these two planets, creations in the world of photography and cinema can be started. It is also usually an expression of new dreams, as happened in 2009 when Obama came to power and generated a whole wave of change, dreams and new expectations. In fact, his campaign slogan was “Yes, we can” (Yes, we can) that gave life, at a collective level, to a very powerful internal psychological pulse, surely in need of being born, of expressing itself, of seeing the light and giving a small big boost to a new philosophy of life based on feeling that when we “believe, we create”, the basic idea of ​​all modern psychology, coaching or quantum physics, among others.

But this conjunction, which may seem, a priori, innocent, stimulating dreams, ambitious in terms of peace and spiritual elevation, has other edges. In mundane astrology it is a cycle associated with religious wars for ideals. In 2009, five days after the conjunction, a woman attacked the Pope. What has to do with ideologies, beliefs or religion can be taken to extremes. And although this cycle may lead us to express, on a collective level, new ideologies, it implicitly carries the neptunian effect of disappointment, of confronting reality in its most stubborn version. For this reason, from the very beginning of the war in Russia, the first news from the Western side talk about how Putin could have lost the war before it started. We’ll see who of the two sides is disappointed sooner or worse.

I would also like to point out that this new Jupiter Neptune cycle in Pisces is the last cycle of the big cycle of 166 years if we agree with Jupiter Neptune in Aries –next cycle- being the first cycle of the whole cycle. This has also its own meaning and may connect us with the idea with a final countdown for ideologies, religions or belief systems. A new cosmology may be on the verge of breaking out.


Jupiter and Neptune, in their version of Zeus and Poseidon, are present in mythology. In particular, its energy leads me to connect with Odisseus journey from the Odyssey attributed to Homer. On that journey, the Almighty God who forces the Hero to make a journey home of enormous transformation is Neptune. Odysseus, a hero swollen with power after his key role in the victory of the Trojan War, returns to his kingdom, Ithaca, with little or no awareness of his actions. Here Odisseus could well represent some jupiterian quality, reinforced by the idea that during the 20 years that the Odyssey lasts, Odisseus is accompanied and advised, at all times, by Athena, the daughter of Jupiter.

On his return from the war, inspired by the fire that comes from touching Olympus as the ultimate hero of a great battle, Odisseus dares to kill the Cyclops Polyphemus, son of Neptune, at the beginning of his journey home. He wounds him with a spear in the third eye, as a maximum expression of the denial of the most intuitive side of him, the point through which he perceives all the most extrasensory reality. Neptune, deeply wounded by the denial and destruction of his own nature, initiates everything necessary to prevent Odisseus from reaching the wrong glory and acts from his true nature, that of diluting the ego, that of diluting the flame of when we believe ourselves almighty and invincible. And he does it by making Odesseus’ 10-year return trip a real chaos, trying to make him forget, at all times,

Neptune has all the power, he is the one who guides and writes the script. Jupiter, as God, has little to do except send Hermes-Mercury to rescue the hero on a few occasions. One of these occasions is the moment when Odisseus is kidnapped by Calypso, who falls in love with him and wants to keep him for herself to the point that he offers her immortality. Calypso, etymologically “hide”, acts as a contributing expression of the neptunian, pretending that Odisseus forgets, gets confused, gets lost and never returns to his kingdom. But he, who only wants to return, senses deep down that immortality is a trap that true spirituality on Earth is to reach a level of consciousness that allows him to be king in his land, with his body, from his ego transformed, and regenerated. Like that humble ego,


This conjunction that could fill us with great expectations, dreams and ideals in favour of the unity of humanity has its bitterest side when Neptune reminds us that there are times when Jupiter-Zeus must surrender to its power, at least until it is have connected with the reality of the present moment and not with nostalgia for the past or with hope for the future. That is why this year 2022 could be a year of great confusion at the collective level and, of course, of important disappointments and disappointments. There will be plenty of moments when we can see ourselves surrounded by the strong tide and the storm of the waves, confused, stretched out on islands where we are tempted to forget. There are moments in which we could experience great disappointments and suffer intense frustration. At those moments our ego would be forged, through seeing how we manage it. One key could be to give time for the tide to ebb, for us to remember what our vital purpose is and to recognize that reality is more real than its illusion. We would be on the way back home, learning to walk, to think and feel in reverse, like the path of Jupiter-Neptune through the signs, from Aries to Taurus, in search of the thread that takes us back to the origin of some things. A cycle that perhaps returns us like the sea against the rocks of a reality in which we live and from which we have come to learn, to push us towards a more earthly, more realistic, more authentic spirituality. of learning to walk, to think and feel in reverse, like the Jupiter-Neptune path through the signs, from Aries to Taurus, in search of the thread that takes us back to the origin of some things. A cycle that perhaps returns us like the sea against the rocks of a reality in which we live and from which we have come to learn, to push us towards a more earthly, more realistic, more authentic spirituality. of learning to walk, to think and feel in reverse, like the Jupiter-Neptune path through the signs, from Aries to Taurus, in search of the thread that takes us back to the origin of some things. A cycle that perhaps returns us like the sea against the rocks of a reality in which we live and from which we have come to learn, to push us towards a more earthly, more realistic, more authentic spirituality.

These two planets are rulers of the sign in which in this year 2022 they begin their new journey together, rulers of Pisces, the energy through which they will express themselves even more sincere, purer, and even wilder. That is why in the article on the new war in Europe, from this same issue of the magazine, two alternatives to its outcome are proposed.

On a personal level, the astrological interpretation, always interdependent with the individual natal chart of each one, could represent a challenge to our journey back to our particular Ithaca. We might be given a chance to see if we can hold on to our lost island until the time comes when the fog lifts and we can move on, or if we pay with more war and project our anger, frustration and disappointments onto the world. On the outside the first, like Ulysses, would return us to our centre, to our space in the order of the cosmos, to our vital purpose. Despite all the tribulations, Ulysses was always accompanied by Athena, her inner guide and adviser, her own lucidity, her immanent soul wisdom. She is a guide that would lead us to overcome our fear of death and not death itself, which is inherent in our lives. If, like Ulysses, chaos appears to us when we are far from our centre, let’s go back to the present moment, let’s lean on that Lunar Node actually in Taurus. Let’s see if we are capable of rejecting the songs of the sirens, the echoes of an illusory immortality, which is just another way to die, and learn, one more step, to walk backwards, to travel the reverse side of life in search of a personal ideal that adds to the collective.


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