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Chiron – A Journey to the Heart Center

Speaker: Gali Livneh


Sunday, October 21, 2018 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm UTC-4 (check your time zone)

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Chiron is one of the great healers in our chart. Although it’s not a planet, the impact it has had on Astrology since his discovery is very important and has brought a big change to modern astrology. Chiron has the power to connect different realms, bridge worlds, and heal through living with commitment, compassion, grace, and the power to sacrifice. In this lecture, we’ll look at the following themes:
1. The meaning of Chiron and why do we need him at these times.
2.The connection of Chiron to other Archetypes.
3. Does Chiron rule any sign?
4. The connection of Chiron to the Anahata – the Heart chakra. What does it mean to live a heart-centered life?
5. How to work with Chiron in the chart, to reach a balanced heart center, and to heal ourselves and others using Case Studies

Gali Livneh, speaker

Gali, ISAR.CAP, is a practicing full-time Astrologer in Israel, consulting, teaching astrology classes, and lecturing internationally. Her main practice is Evolutionary Astrology and finding the path of healing through reviling and understanding the layers of a Chart. Gali is the editor of “Urania”- an Israeli astrology Magazine. She organizes local conferences, and since February 2012, she is ISAR’s VP in Israel. Gali is also teaching Kundalini Yoga and Naad (sound) Yoga.

Gali Livneh