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All The Sun Goes Round

The well-known writer and astrologer Reina James, has produced a little gem of a book, reminding us in a humorous and incisive manner, of the most salient characteristics of each sign of the zodiac. Written in the form of short fables, each tale addresses the core issues we  encounter, wherever the sign lies in our […]

Hakan Kirkoglu – How Your Prenatal Eclipse and Lunations Shape Up Your Life

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Although there has not been extensive material on prenatal eclipses, lunations and their relation to our life stories, I consider them especially useful in pinpointing major life themes, within the astrological counselling when it is used side by side with the natal chart. The themes of the prenatal eclipse sign and the natal condition of its ruler cast striking information about the general direction in life. We will look at practical examples.

Donna Woodwell – Dream Walking: How to Use Astrology to Work with Your Dreams

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Astrology and dreaming have a long, intertwined history that dates back to ancient Greeks and Romans. We'll review the highlights of our dreaming history and explore which practices may be relevant to you today. Learn tips how to recall dreams, explore their symbolism, use astrological timing to invoke dreams, as well as encourage lucidity in dreamtime travels. We'll also consider ways to use dreaming in your personal astrological practice or when working with clients.

Susie Cox – Astro*Carto*Graphy Forecasting… Or Where to Go and When!

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What happens when your clients ask you, "Where is the best place for me to travel, and when?" Many of my clients want a yearly travel itinerary using astrology, so I’ve developed an easy style for them to use. Now I can share with you my forecasting technique regarding travel. So, if you want a fresh look at Astro*Carto*Graphy with a focus on forecasting, this is the lecture for you!

Glenn Perry – Venus-Neptune: From Sacrificial Relations to Undefended Love

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Hard aspects between Venus and Neptune often compel us to sacrifice the very love we want. Unconscious guilt is usually the culprit, which manifests in a menagerie of self-defeating relationship choices: imaginary lovers, substance abusing partners, cheating spouses, secret affairs, and addictions to people that cause us suffering. There are positive outcomes, too, if the proper sacrifice is offered. In this lecture, we’ll explore how to uncover and resolve unconscious guilt and open to our potential for undefended love.