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Hiroki Niizato – How to Integrate Difficult Aspects in Your Horoscope

Challenging aspects in the Natal chart are not reflections of “bad luck”. The so-called bad aspects offer the most potential for growth – if you know how to integrate them. Hard aspects can manifest as projection, suppression, and other psychological defenses. Understanding these defenses can help you find ways to access hidden potentials within. In […]

Rick Levine – It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over! -Looking Ahead to 2022 and The Lingering Saturn-Uranus Square Dance

Saturn represents immovable boundaries; Uranus symbolizes irrepressible expression. We can look back at the two recent occurrences of Saturn’s square to Uranus on February 17 and June 14. We can examine the current occurrence of the square that appears to be finalizing this triple threat on December 23, 2021. But it’s a mistake to think […]

Gali Livneh – The Nodes of the Moon in Scorpio – Taurus

The Nodes of the Moon are moving into the Axis of Scorpio-Taurus in January 2022. In this presentation Gali will talk about the meaning of this shift of energy and possible themes that can come up more strongly globaly and personally. As we move from the mutable, explorative journy in Sagitarius-Gemini Axis into the uncompromising fixed one, […]

Saule Jonaityte – Astroprojections in Solar: A New Conception

Traditionally, the main purpose of solars is being able to accurately forecast personal events and life changes that are set in the birth chart. In this day and age, a self-aware person prioritizes cultivating balanced relationships, growing self-awareness, and creating holistic synchronicity with cycles of the Universe. It’s more important than the exact dates. A […]

Clarissa Dolphin – Lots, Arabic Parts & Cosmic Resonance: Ancient Astrology Goes Quantum

The Lots of Fortune, Spirit and Redemption form a unique quantum signature that has largely gone undetected in astrology. After performing an intensive research project into these ancient Sun-Moon-Ascendant formulas, they have been revealed as a holy trinity of cosmic frequencies that reverberate with distinction in a natal chart. In this Star Club, Clarissa will […]

Oner Doser – Traditional Astrology Delineation Techniques

When an astrology student reaches a certain level, even if they can read charts, they need a method to use the astrological knowledge they already learned. Questions like “Where should I begin reading a chart?”, “How should I proceed with the interpretation?”, “How should I integrate the chart data?” All this may be answered correctly […]

Zorana Stanojevic – Talents in the Chart – Hereditary Skills from the Past

Talent is natural aptitude or skill. People are often unaware of it and sometimes it takes a lifetime to discover their uniqueness. For those lucky ones, it is the most natural phenomenon to which they may not pay any special attention. Therefore, as Astrologers, we can draw parents’ attention to possible hidden gifts of their […]

Nadiya Shah – Pluto in Aquarius: From Earth to Air & How this Changes Everything

While Saturn in Aquarius gives us a preview from 2020-2023, it is when Pluto enters Aquarius that we reach a collective turning point, long considered the undeniable entry into the Age of Aquarius. It’s trine to Uranus in Gemini from 2026-2027 will show us how good it could be. But, with Pluto, there is always […]

Ursula Stockder – Venus and the Entrance to our Creative Labyrinth

The labyrinth has to do with a mystery, with something experienced; it represents the constant search within us, where we have to combine both the masculine energy and let ourselves be guided by the feminine in a perfect balance. Theseus is allowing himself to be guided by Ariadne’s common thread. Aphrodite/Venus represents the persuasion for […]

Robert Weinstein – Assessing the Vital Force in Medical Astrology

Some people seem blessed with good health throughout life, while others suffer from chronic health problems. Some people are sensitive and delicate while others are hardy and resilient. By studying key placements in the natal chart such as the condition of the Ascendant Lord, the Sun and Mars, overall hard and soft aspects, and the1st […]