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R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for January 2023

Full Moon in Cancer, 6 January 2023, 23:07:52 GMT, 16° 21 ́ Cancer The first impressions of the year come with the full moon in defensive Cancer. Interestingly, the full moon chart shows half full half void, a bowl type indicating that there is much self-containment, looking at things in black and white matter, thus […]

Paulina Peñafiel – Capricorn – The Goat of Amalthea

*Article translated from spanish to english.   The iconography of Capricorn is related to the mountain goat that climbs to the highest rock and whose cult dates back to 3,000 BC. in the Mesopotamia region. The Sign finds variants in the images of the male goat and the fish-tailed goat that personified the god […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for December 2022

Full Moon in Gemini, 8 December 2022 07:08:08 GMT, 16 01 Gemini This is potentially very argumentative and sharp full moon which can indicate an aggressive and cunning style in communications. Our ideas and beliefs can be our defenses although they may not be useful to bring calmness and peace. 4 planets, including Moon, have […]

Nicholas Kampanes – A Scientific Overview of Astrology

If we were to provide a scientific definition of astrology, a definition more in line with modern society, then we might find befitting a statement made by Paul Flambart (a graduate of the Polytechnic of Paris and author of 30 books) that goes: “Any given configuration on the sky corresponds to some specific human attribute […]

Paulina Peñafiel – Cancer – The Doe with the Golden Horns of Cerinia

*Article translated from spanish to english. Cancer being the sign of the mother, it is interesting to mention that the one who gave rise to the labors of Hercules was Hera. The same the name of Hercules or Hera-cles: to the glory of Hera. Thus Hera, as the persecuting mother, is the true instigator […]

Itziar Azkona – Jupiter-Neptune In Pisces – The Avatar Conjunction

THE ASTRONOMICAL CYCLE Jupiter will reach Neptune in exact conjunction on April 12, 2022 at 23º 58′ Pisces. At that moment, the previous cycle, started 13 years earlier, closes to start the new one. This conjunction occurs in the signs in an inverse way, in an esoteric sense, that is, from Aries to Taurus instead […]

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for November 2022

Total Lunar Eclipse, 8 November 2022 11:02:07 GMT, 16 00 Taurus We are currently passing through an extremely volatile, difficult, and severe astrological atmosphere. In this eclipse season, stressful aspects culminate in a total lunar eclipse which will be occurring in the middle degrees of Taurus on the 8th of November. Around the recent solar […]

Alice Piazza – The dome of Santa Maria del Fiore and the Major Arcana

The most symbolic cathedral in Florence, it is the city’s main cathedral and the third largest in Europe. The Florentine Signoria commissioned its construction in 1296, and work was structurally completed in 1436. In the process, in 1412, it was named after Santa Maria del Fiore, and consecrated by Pope Eugene IV. At that time […]

Paulina Peñafiel – Aries – Labor of Hercules: The wild mares of the Thracian

Article translated from spanish to english. Hercules child kills the serpent sent by Hera The Sun travels through the zodiac in the period of a year, passing through each sign in approximately one month. On March 20 or 21 of each year, the Sun enters Aries marking the astrological new year, since Aries represents […]