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Astromeridians – open and activate full potential of your 12 natal houses

Speaker: Lea Imsiragic


مارس 13 @ 12:00 ب.ظ - 4:00 ب.ظ EST

Fee: $95 or get it for $55 if you are ISAR Member Become ISAR Member for $59/Year


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Discover and learn the connection of each of 12 main meridians (energy channels) with 12 zodiacal houses, with horoscope examples. Learn practical tapping exercises that you can use in your own chart or to amaze your client and activate their natal house potential. And receive extra learning material, so you can include this amazing transformational tool in your astrological practice from day one.

This Webinar will enable you:

  1. to develop balance with your natal zodiacal houses and to open and activate their full potential.
  2. to experience real change on Webinar by doing tapping exercise for a particular astrological house and its meridian, with affirmations that re-program associated beliefs.
  3. to discover and learn the connection of each of 12 main meridians (energy channels) with 12 zodiacal houses, with horoscope examples.
  4. To learn even after Webinar -you will receive as gift the questionnaire that will enable you to define and work on a particular goal connected with the specific astrological house/meridian- this will improve your astrological practice in completely new way, where you will be able to understand natal chart, its potential and then to activate that potential and heal the road blocks in 1- 3 consultations only.

Lea Imsiragic

Dr. Lea Imsiragic is a professional astrologer, international speaker and author. She blends her expertise in human physiology, acupuncture, Energy Psychology, flower essences and astrology to help people discover their most amazing and deepest gifts and to live them fully in all areas of life.After working with thousands of clients and students all over the world, she created an accurate energy and astrological system for diagnosis and therapy: Energy Astrology, Astromeridians and Astro-Healing. Lea is the author of six books about astrology and vibrational health, cofounder of the Kepler Institute for Astrological Research and Education, and president of the Association for Energy Astrology in Belgrade, Serbia. She also runs online distance learning programs in Russia, Turkey, Mexico and the US.