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Chiron, the Nodes and the 40’s Generation

بلندگو:Marcia F. Silva


The Nodal Axis and Chiron are top priority in a Natal Chart’s analysis, especially when they are in aspect.
In this lecture, I will present a brief study of several celebrities’ charts, including some popular ones from the 40’s generation that have either Chiron or The Nodes emphasized or in aspect in their charts.
It is amazing to see how these astrological patterns unfolded in their lives.

Marcia F. Silva

Marcia F. Silva is a full-time Astrologer. She is the director and founder of C.E.A.P. – Centro de Estudos de Astrologia Psicologica, in Brazil - since 2005, where she teaches, lectures and gives astrological consultations. At C.E.A.P, a complete curriculum in Astrology is offered both in live and online courses. Marcia is internationally certified as an ISAR C.A.P.