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ژانویه 2022

ژانویه 18 @ 12:00 ب.ظ - 1:30 ب.ظ UTC+11

Speaker: Robert BaileyAustralia

The history and practise of astrological treasure-finding

In the modern world horary astrology is often used to find lost objects, but in the past horary was sometimes used to find hidden items of a more esoteric nature: buried treasures and magical artifacts, guarded by demons, dragons and spirits of the dead. In this lecture we will look at the intersection between horary astrology and magic as we explore the history and practise of astrological treasure-finding, from its origins among the treasure hunters of the medieval Islamic world,…

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ژانویه 18 @ 7:00 ب.ظ - 8:30 ب.ظ GMT

Speaker: Sonal SachdevaUnited Kingdom

The Dance of the Heavyweights

In Indian Vedic Astrology - Vedanga Jyotisha, the Karmic Heavyweights Saturn Shani,  North Node Rahu and South Node Ketu are the reason for our birth and are the chief players causing us much suffering, anguish and turbulence in our lives ! Indeed they are the Malefics that cannot be ignored, yet they signal a feeling of intense fear and discomfort, if we avoid dealing with them. In April 2022, Saturn ingresses from Makar Capricorn to Kumbha Aquarius and The Nodes enter into the Aries-Libra Axis. Thus aspecting each other…

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ژانویه 22 @ 12:00 ب.ظ - 4:00 ب.ظ EST

Speaker: Aleksandar ImsiragicSerbia

Dragons of Solar Eclipses

Each eclipse actually represents an eighth house experience, i.e. it naturally brings us into the vortex experience that changes the usual flow, just as is the case with the vortex in any river. In this case, all energy leads towards the present. Every eclipse is a part of a larger family it belongs. These families are known as SAROS families of eclipses or Dragon Families. Every family is around 1300 years long and every person has its own Dragon Family…

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ژانویه 23 @ 12:00 ب.ظ - 1:30 ب.ظ EST

Speaker: Luz PeuscovichArgentina

Técnica de núcleos energéticos

Este taller tiene como objetivo transmitirles un abordaje de lectura muy sintético e integral a través de detectar altas concentraciones de ciertas energías, que nos permiten ver con rapidez y claridad cuáles son las distancias internas de una carta natal y trabajar sus procesos de integración alquímica. A través de la observación de casos vamos a enfocarnos en comprender cómo además del diseño que vemos, la carta natal describe posibles alianzas y exclusiones internas. Las cuales impactarán fuertemente en nuestras…

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ژانویه 23 @ 3:00 ب.ظ - 4:30 ب.ظ EST

Speaker: David Cochrane United States

Your Special Places Revealed by Planet and Midpoint Lines

Nearly all astrologers and students of astrology have seen AstroMaps: the maps of geographic areas with lines on them. The first AstroMaps were called Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps and were developed by astrologer Jim Lewis. There have been many new ideas proposed about what is most important in AstroMaps since Jim Lewis introduced Astro*Carto*Grapy maps. David has been working intensively with AstroMaps since the 1970's, he wrote the book "AstroLocality Magic" and he has trained dozens of people in the use of…

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ژانویه 29 @ 1:30 ب.ظ - 3:00 ب.ظ EST

Speaker: Paula Belluomini, Isabel GuimarãesBrazil

Os Eventos que Descrevem 2022: Eclipses, Ingressos e Júpiter em Peixes e Carneiro

O ano de 2022 reserva surpresas e revelações. Neste webinar iremos analisar como Júpiter inicia o ano em Peixes, encontra Neptuno e em Maio já está em Carneiro para acelerar iniciativas e certamente trará novidades. Os Eclipses agora no eixo de Touro e Escorpião e seus efeitos dentro do ciclo maior de Saros, além dos Ingressos nos signos Cardinais em seus respectivos países.

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ژانویه 30 @ 3:00 ب.ظ - 4:30 ب.ظ EST

Speaker: Ronnie Gale DreyerUnited States

Repeating Eclipses: Charting your journey through Saros & Metonic Cycles

Most people know about the two primary eclipse cycles--the 18-year Saros Cycle and the 19- year Metonic Cycle--but have not fully understood the effect in the world and your personal chart. After explaining their basis, you will see notable examples of how these cycles work in world events and how you can apply them to your past, present and future. These cycles are simple to compute and apply no matter what astrological system you use. We will pay special attention…

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فوریه 2022

فوریه 5 @ 12:00 ب.ظ - 4:00 ب.ظ EST

Speaker: Christeen Skinner United Kingdom


Decoding the cycles of the Sun and planets as they correlate to stock market activity holds fascination. Accepted traditional aspects rarely work as expected. Understanding of phase relationships (harmonics) is essential if we are to unravel to the relationship of time and price. In this workshop you will learn how to read your ephemeris alongside business news, learn to master basic stock market rhythms and how to determine key turning points. We will consider the history and contribution of financial…

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فوریه 6 @ 3:00 ب.ظ - 4:30 ب.ظ EST

Speaker: Isabel Guimaraes Portugal

The Ancestral Memory of the Water Trinity in Astrology

Water houses and the relations with the memories of our ancestors are crucial in the relationship with how and when we access collective memory and DNA. Moreover, their knowledge allows us to change patterns of behavior by observing these mysterious astrological houses. In this webinar, I will approach each house of the trinity; I will relate it to its planetary rulers, and we will use several examples of charts and the cycles of humanity.

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فوریه 9 @ 7:00 ب.ظ - 9:30 ب.ظ CET

Speaker: Aleksandar ImširagićSerbia

Zmajevi Solarnih Eklipsi

Eklipsa može da otvori vreme/prostor na nivou svesti, raskriljujući kapije nesvesnog nivoa uma i, u nekim slučajevima, povezujući ga sa nadsvesnim umom. Ovo za posledicu ima povezivanje sa davno prošlim ili budućim vremenima. Na taj način svaka eklipsa formira određeni „vremenski lift“ unutar naše energije, kojim se direktno povezujemo sa određenim prošlim ili budućim sećanjima duše. Upravo je zbog toga upliv eklipsi prilično dramatičan kada god snažno aktivira neku natalnu planetu, jer nas ponekad povezuje sa neprijatnim sećanjima ili, pak,…

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