This school’s program is primarily a three year program + one year for the Master Class. In their first year, students are required to take the ‘General Principles’ written examination at the end of the semester. The second year of studies is dedicated to predictive techniques, astronomy and the history of Astrology. In the third year, students take classes in relationship astrology, electional and horary astrology, midpoints, harmonics, and mundane astrology.

The Master Class (4th year of studies) is dedicated to Traditional Astrology (Ancient and Medieval Western Astrology).

The school provides two kinds of diploma: ‘Diploma of Wisdom of Sky’ and the ‘Master Class Diploma of the Wisdom of Sky’.

Students are required to do several written homework asignments during each year of studies that also include at least three gatherings for discussions and mentoring. There are total 5 exams within 3 years, or 6 exams with the extended program, with the interpretation skill exam at the end of the studies.