A primary goal of Kepler College is to provide a high quality educational opportunity for individuals interested in learning what astrology actually is and how it has been practiced in different time periods and different cultures up to the present day.

Students can take a single class or the entire certificate program. The certificate program consists of 2 or 3 classes focusing on a particular topic, with each class taking 10 weeks to complete.

Most courses have a lab, which means there are additional assignments and live web conferences where students practice their learning under the guidance of their instructor.

Courses includes:

Fundamentals of Natal Astrology, Movement in Natal Astrology, Relationships/Counseling, Business and Financial Astrology, Locational Astrology/Astro*Carto*Graphy, Classical Studies, Hellenistic Astrology, History, and Vedic Astrology (Jyotish).

Continuing Education: Self-designed Certificates.

The Kepler Certificate Program does not promote any single method or approach. Students will be introduced to the historical background of various techniques, as well as any controversies or critiques of each system. While the instructor will certainly have a preferred approach, that is not the only one presented. The goal of Kepler College is to give students a range of information and the tools needed to critically evaluate the usefulness of what they are learning.