The school curriculum is composed of 3 Modules (Basic, Forecasting and Advanced), plus Workshops / Quick Courses and Specific Training Courses. At school the student will learn all that’s necessary to be a professional, such as interpretation techniques, calculation, synastry, vocational, time rectification, among others, totaling more than 1000 class hours. During classes the teacher give home-works and practical exercises to the students.

Regulus school issues two certificates, 1) the Basic Training in Astrology, which meets the minimum workload of 200 hours / class, as stated in the description of M.T.E (Ministry of Labor and Employment) for of Occupation 5167-5 – Astrologer. And 2) the Certificate of Completion of “Professional Training Course in Astrology”. This requires a minimum amount of 520 hours of studies recommended by national and international class entities, and a final presentation of a Course Completion Paper.

For both certificates the student must attend at least 75% of the total classes and be up to date with the school fees.