The Higher Institute for Astrological Studies (Instituto Superior de Astrología) curriculum is structured on a four-year program basis. The students attend weekly classes plus a four-hour workshop practice on Saturdays. The Institute´s study program covers a total of 524+ hours distributed in three years of astrological education plus one year of counseling training.

During their formation the students do regular homework assignments, attend extra-curricular conferences and submit a chart delineation. As the Institute follows the phenomenological psychological approach, students take a final examination as a method of self-evaluation. By the end of the fourth year, a final Consulting Skills Training and evaluation is mandatory.

Optional electives: Evolutionary and Karmic Astrology; Astrogenealogy; Medical and Psychophysical Astrology; Archetypes and Mythology; Horary and Elective Astrology; Synastry; Predictive; Fixed Stars and Asteroids; Mundane; The Role of the Astrologer.